How to improve children's brain health with Dr Hokehe Eko, MD

podcast Jan 23, 2023
How to improve children's brain health with Dr Hokehe Effiong

by Dr Ruth Allan | Mon 23 Jan 23

Dr Hokehe Eko, MD joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 063 and the third episode of Season 4 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain'

Dr Eko - a Mum, Paediatrician, TEDx Speaker and Non-Profit Founder is passionate about helping both children and adults boost their brain health so that they can thrive in every area of life

She loves to help children with ADHD go from fidgety to focused by addressing the root causes of their behaviour

In this episode Dr Eko talks about the impact of a child's environment, sleep and nutrition on their cognitive function, and we both share some of our own personal stories as parents

Dr Eko describes her journey to becoming a paediatrician following multiple concussions as a child, and what inspired her to focus on children's brain health

I loved this conversation as it was a wonderful dynamic between us. Dr Eko provided such great insights for parents who are struggling with a child that has ADHD. There were many moments where we laughed out loud about our own life experiences - by the end my cheeks were hurting

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 02.45 - Having kinder conversations with children about their behaviour by approaching through the lens of brain health
  • 03.25 - Feeding your children's soldier's in their gut
  • 04.45 - God's candy
  • 05.20 - Optimal brain health for Dr Eko - being aware of who she is and where she is with regards to circumstances in life, recognising what is in her control and what's not, being authentic to herself
  • 07.15 - Dr Eko's brain health journey from several concussions to becoming a paediatrician
  • 08.40 - How someone's comment can change your outlook about yourself: choose who you listen to!
  • 17.45 - The importance of understanding how your child learns and tailoring the learning appropriately
  • 18.40 - Dr Eko's learning preferences
  • 20.20 - Dr Eko's transition from paediatrician to brain health
  • 22.10 - Functional medicine for children with ADHD
  • 23.10 - The story of a 12 year old girl diagnosed with ADHD: addressing the environmental toxins of black mould
  • 28.10 - It's ESE - Eat, Sleep, Environment!
  • 31.55 - Courage to be your authentic self
  • 40.30 - Parental support for children with brain health struggles
  • 41.30 - Fun FACTS: the feelings that are most important to Dr Hokehe and why - peace
  • 42.35 - Giving yourself permission
  • 43.50 - The most important or rewarding thing Dr Eko has ever done: saying 'yes' to herself
  • 46.05 - The most important value that guides Dr Eko in life: truth
  • 48.30 - Thoughts that Dr Eko told herself in the past that aren't true
  • 53.05 - Why resilience is so important for Dr Eko
  • 55.57 - Resilience in incremental steps.

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