How to CREATE the right space to flourish and grow

Mar 08, 2018

It's International Women's Day!  To celebrate our uniqueness this simple framework allows you to assess whether you are creating the right space for yourself or others to flourish and grow.

Have you ever been in a place where you feel the culture isn't conducive to allowing you to express your true self?  Perhaps you've expended an enormous amount of effort and energy in supporting a growth objective for yourself or others, yet you've just not felt as if you've been duly rewarded?  Or as a leader, you know there is more you can do in your organisation to support those that you serve - to put your people at the heart of what you do, yet you are just not sure how to go about it?

This framework will allow you to identify what is important so you can take action and create the right space for yourself and others.

C is for Culture

Are you living or working in the right culture to allow you to flourish?  How would you describe the culture in which you live and work?  Is it a culture of caring, underpinned by trust, with the ability to allow you to express your true self?  If the culture is not conducive to allowing you or others express their true feelings, what can you do to change this?

R is for Reward and Recognition

Are you rewarding yourself for your efforts?  As an organisation are you recognising and rewarding the efforts of others, or have you prioritised profit over people?  What can you do differently to create the right reward and recognition framework for yourself and others, including celebrating successes?

E is for Environment

Are you creating the right environment for you to grow?  Is your work space or home life supportive of your personal growth objectives?  As an organisation have you created the right space for your people to rest and recharge throughout the day - is there the opportunity for them to do that?  What can you differently to improve the environment in which you live and work that supports the growth of yourself and those that you serve?

A is for Action

Are you taking action that is supportive of your growth?  Are you doing the right things?  As a leader are you role modelling the way - are your actions in alignment with the culture that your organisation portrays, or are you not representing your values and those of the firm?  What positive actions can you take to help yourself and others grow?

T is for Time

Are you taking the time out to connect with what is important to you?  As a leader are you taking the time to truly connect with those in your organisation and allowing those you serve to create the time to develop themselves?  Are you allowing yourself that strategic thinking time?  What can you do to create more time for yourself and for others?

E is for Energy

Are you seeking to generate positive energy in all that you do?  When you enter a room, are you aware of what energy you bring into it?  Are your actions helping your energy levels?  What can you do differently or how can you change your approach to generate more positive energy to help you or others flourish and grow?


If you are struggling to answer some of the above questions, or feel you need support in helping you create the right space for yourself or your organisation to flourish and grow, click on the link below to find out about how High Performance Coaching can help you or sign up directly for a discovery session with myself today!

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