Dr Ruth Mary Allan

Ruth challenges her clients to unlock their potential, boost their energy and transform their performance.  She is an Executive and Certified Brain Health Coach through the Institute for Better Health and Amen Clinic.

FREE One Page Yearly Planner for 2020

The time to have the map is before you set off on your journey.  Set yourself up for success with this FREE One Page Yearly Planner to help you block time and identify the key projects for you.  

Professional speaking testimonial

Speaker testimonial from Les Brown, World's Premier Motivational Speaker and Renowned Corporate Trainer


Are you seeking a motivational speaker to hold and inspire your audience? To bring experiences to life? To make the complicated simple . Find out from Les Brown, World’s Premier Motivational Speaker and Renowned Corporate Trainer, how I can help.  For more information and to book please contact:

[email protected]



Interview on the AK Experts Show with Aimmee Kodachian

Find out in this interview I had with Aimmee Kodachian on AK the Experts Show in Las Vegas, what you can do to move yourself from that place of hope to a place of happiness, fulfilment and joy.

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Share the Change Talk with Les Brown

Find out in my Share the Change Talk with Les Brown in Las Vegas how I overcame personal struggle and work-related stress to be able to move from a place of Hope to a place of Happiness.

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The Wellbeing Show - Taking the "boo" out of "taboo"

Speaking with individuals who have overcome personal wellbeing struggles, as well as industry experts, Dr Ruth Mary Allan explores how we can take back control of our wellbeing and become Wellbeing Warriors.

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