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Helping leaders who have lost connection with who they are unchain themselves from what's holding them back, unlock the secrets to boosting their mental clarity and performance and unleash their full potential by optimising their brain health so they can lead their family and team to the next level.
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Learn the 10 factors that determine your level of workplace wellbeing (and how you can improve it)!


Friday's with Fallon - What is Havening?

As part of #mentalillnessawarenessweek2020 Dr Ruth Mary Allan talks about Havening LIVE with Fallon Jordan at BrainMD: Learn what Havening Techniques® is, how it works, and how it can help you, including a live demonstration of how you can self-Haven to build your resilience.

To learn more about Havening, the scientific research behind it, and to register for a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how I can help you, click on the button below, or email [email protected].

Interview with the Amen Clinics

Dr Ruth Mary Allan talks about Havening (with Fallon Jordan): Find out about my journey to brain health, executive coaching, and the practice Havening Techniques®.

Message from Les Brown

Are you seeking a motivational speaker to hold and inspire your audience? To bring experiences to life? To make the complicated simple? Hear what Les Brown, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer has to say about me.


For more information and to book please contact: [email protected]


Ruth is interviewed by Dottie and Diane on their Podcast 'Truth & Double Daring'

“The only person’s opinion that matters in terms of what you can and cannot do is your own.” Listen to her amazing story, her high performance attitude, and her unbound spirit and belief that wellness, leadership, and high performance can create a you that excels!

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Ruth is interviewed by Tony Lloyd on his Podcast 'Human Stories'

Dr Ruth Mary Allan is a successful certified Brain Health Coach and a High Performance Coach. But all has not been easy for Dr Ruth.
I talk to her about how during her education and early career she suffered from severe anxiety and depression, her suicidal thoughts and a miscarriage, and how she pulled through to be happy and healthy today.

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Share the Change Talk with Les Brown

Find out in my Share the Change Talk with Les Brown in Las Vegas how I overcame personal struggle and work-related stress to be able to move from a place of Hope to a place of Happiness.

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Interview on the AK Experts Show with Aimmee Kodachian

Find out in this interview I had with Aimmee Kodachian on AK the Experts Show in Las Vegas, what you can do to move yourself from that place of hope to a place of happiness, fulfilment and joy.

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The Wellbeing Show - Taking the "boo" out of "taboo"

Speaking with individuals who have overcome personal wellbeing struggles, as well as industry experts, Dr Ruth Mary Allan explores how we can take back control of our wellbeing and become Wellbeing Warriors.

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FREE One Page Yearly Planner for 2020

The time to have the map is before you set off on your journey.  Set yourself up for success with this FREE One Page Yearly Planner to help you block time and identify the key projects for you.  


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