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Helping young people and adults activate their inner warrior, take control of their wellbeing and harness their full potential

Wellbeing Warrior - Junior Academy Registration

Enrol your child into the Wellbeing Warrior Academy to gain access the initial FREE coaching session to help them unlock their inner Wellbeing Warrior.

Is your child or a young person that you care about struggling at home or at school?  Have you tried the normal medical interventions, however they either don't seem to be working fully, or simply aren't available when you need them?  You know that there is more that can be done to help them unlock their true potential - and you are looking for support to help them optimise their wellbeing, that is underpinned by science.

By enrolling into the Wellbeing Warrior Academy you will get access to a FREE discovery coaching session with you and your child.  In the coaching session I will:

  • Ask you to be present with your child
  • For child protection purposes, record the entire coaching session
  • Ask your child questions around the enrolment form
  • Help you and your child look at the F.A.C.T.S™️ behind their current state of wellbeing using my simple Wellbeing Warrior framework, based around scientific evidence
  • Establish whether your child is suitable for the Wellbeing Warrior Junior Coaching program.

By enrolling your child in the Wellbeing Warrior Academy you will have the opportunity to join my closed Facebook group, "Ruth's Wellbeing Warriors"

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