To accurately assess and optimise your unique brain, we undertake a detailed evaluation that involves taking an integrated view of all factors in your life affecting your brain function

What is a brain health evaluation?

Our approach represents a revolutionary shift in the way brain health is assessed and optimised

Drawing upon the experience of the leading brain imaging centre in the world, we recognise that mental health issues are in fact often brain health issues, where the root cause of the problem may not necessarily lie within the organ that is struggling - the brain

With reach back to psychiatrists experienced in brain imaging, as well as a wide variety of specialists, we will take an integrated view of your biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of your brain health to help ensure you get the best out of your engine for life


Why choose us?

Have you ever been to the doctor with a heart problem? Dr Ruth's daughter Lilly did at aged 18months and they imaged her heart to check it was ok. Psychiatry is the only medical profession that doesn't routinely image the organ that it treats. We are not ok with that

We often have clients who come to us with undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed conditions that are impacting their brain and whole body function. Too many have spent months, if not years in pain, unable to live into their best self as a result of their symptom being treated rather than their whole self and get to the root cause of their struggles

Mental health problems continue to be on the rise, particularly in the younger generation. People are labelled as having a problem, rather than the system they are living in being assessed to understand what lies at the root cause of the problem

We are changing that. Putting you front and centre as our client, we will do everything in our power to unravel the root cause of your struggles and optimise your unique brain. Not just to support you, but future generations of you


What's the difference between brain health and mental health?

"Is everything ok?" Why is this question important? Because we are focused on understanding the whole system that may be impacting your brain health, from how you feel, think, act, connect with yourself, others and the world around you, your past history and family history, as well as the surroundings that you live, work and grew up in

Brain health looks at all struggles that may be impacting your brain function. This covers everything from memory struggles, depth perception and coordination issues, head trauma and concussion, toxins, infections, blood flow, hormonal balance, nutrition, sleep, past emotional, psychological and physical trauma, through to difficulty concentrating, focusing and paying attention, struggles with sensory overload and fitting in. As well as mental health struggles, including PTSD, anxiety and depression

Mental health tends to focus on asking the question 'Are you ok?' We don't want you to just feel 'ok' and then check-out of looking after yourself. Why? Because brain struggles can manifest up to 30 years before symptoms present themselves. You feeling 'ok' doesn't mean your brain is ok

We want you to feel 'extraordinary,' equipping you with the knowledge of how to perform at your best, optimising your brain function to get the best out of your unique engine of life - your brain

We are here to support you


Connect with us so we can support you in answering any questions you have and help you find the best solution for you and those you care about

Through our partnerships with professional service providers in the medical and wellbeing fields, we offer a wide range of services centred around optimising your brain health and wellbeing

Our goal is to support you and those you care about rediscover their best self and optimise their unique brain