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Unchain your pain

Unchain your pain from past traumas or unhelpful experiences that are holding you back so you can rediscover your best self again

Unlock the secrets

Unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance through powerful tools and techniques underpinned by science

Unleash the best of you!

Unleash your full potential to win back your energy and time by better understanding and optimising your unique brain 

What do we do?


We offer an integrated mind-body approach to reconnecting with your best self through the lens of brain health, revolutionising the way struggles with your brain and whole body health are approached and addressed

Our mission is to help you uncover what is holding you back from stepping into your best self and equip you with the knowledge, insight, tools and techniques you need to get there

Using coaching, combined with scientifically proven approaches, in partnership with industry-leaders in brain and whole body health, you will get access to exclusive support you can't get anywhere else

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Learn more about Dr Ruth M Allan, CEO and Founder of the Wellbeing Warrior Academy  


Show and Podcast: Brain Health - Unchaining Your Pain 


Launched on Monday 4th October 2021, our show "Brain Health - Unchaining Your Pain" is about removing the stigma behind difficult conversations related to brain health topics, covering everything from major trauma, war, abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, head trauma, ADHD, ASD and so much more.

In the show, Dr Ruth M Allan interviews industry leaders who talk about what brain health means to them and share their story of how they have unchained their pain or that of others to step into the person they are today.

Subscribe to the show and submit suggestions of topics you'd LOVE for us to talk about or individuals you'd LOVE for us to interview and get access to a FREE Live Q&A session on all things brain health with Dr Ruth.  


How to reduce day to day stress, anxiety and overwhelm


Are you or your child struggling with day-day stress, anxiety and overwhelm and feel it's time to take back control?

It's vital to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. Yet we frequently forget that as parents or carers, putting all our energy helping others, and none into helping ourselves

In this course you will learn from Dr Ruth Allan, alongside her daughter Lilly Allan, aged 2, how you and those that you care about can reduce day-day stress and anxiety and overwhelm

You will discover simple, yet powerful tools that you and your children can apply FOR LIFE to manage your emotions and calm your mind


Trauma Coaching to Unchain Your Pain


Learn how to unchain your pain from past trauma or unhelpful experiences using our Emotional Mindset Management Approach. Equip yourself with powerful tools you can apply daily to help you let go of what is holding you back from being the person you want to be

Coaching sessions available as 1-1 coaching, or in a group setting running weekly


Private Coaching


Are you struggling with day-day stress, anxiety and overwhelm and feel it's time to take back control?

Perhaps you're battling with brain fog, memory and focus and worried about what this means for your future brain function?

Have you been let down by the health system and traditional approaches to resolve a brain health struggle you or someone you love has?

Or do you want to understand how you can optimise and get the best out of your unique brain to improve your performance at work and in life?

Apply for a free strategy session to learn how we can support you in winning back energy and time doing what you love by optimising your unique brain.


Brain Health Evaluation


Are you or someone you care about struggling with your brain health? Are you experiencing memory struggles, migraines, fogginess, attention problems, mental health challenges or cognitive changes as a result of a past or recent head trauma or hormonal changes?

Do you feel as if the current medical approaches offered have not addressed your brain health struggles and are seeking a more comprehensive approach to uncover the root cause and provide an appropriate recovery plan?

Help is at hand...

Through our detailed brain health evaluations, with reach back to specialists that actually image the organ that they treat - the brain, we are here to support you on your journey to recovery.

Learn how your unique brain functions and equip yourself with a recovery action plan relevant to your unique brain to optimise your brain and reduce your risk factors for cognitive decline


Ready to take action to transform your life?

If you're ready to uncover what is holding you back, to unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance, and to unleash your full potential by optimising your unique brain, then apply below to join one of our programs.

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Through our partnerships with professional service providers in the medical and wellbeing fields, we offer a wide range of services centred around optimising your brain health and wellbeing

Our goal is to support you and those you care about step into their best self