At the Academy, we understand that no two people or brains are the same. As a result we focus on providing services tailored to your unique needs. See below to learn about the services that we offer. Contact us to find the right support for you, your loved ones or your organisation


Personal support

Organisational support

Keeping your team motivated to get the best out of you and your employees

Brains run organisations. Growing your business with employees that are struggling with their brain health and unable to perform optimally is challenging and expensive.

We will help you understand how your culture, processes, procedures and training is impacting the brain health of your employees and ultimately your bottom line.

By implementing brain-healthy strategies we will provide you and your team with a viable, easy to implement road map to reduce sick days, increase retention and improve your bottom line

Bespoke brain training, including leadership and personal development to support you and your team

Despite our brains being the organs that run organisations, our brains are rarely discussed when it comes to improving the bottom line.

We provide proven training programs in brain health to support you and your staff in optimising their unique brains, enhancing productivity and performance and creating a healthier and happier workplace

Optimising the connection with yourself and your team to enhance motivation and productivity

By understanding what your employees are truly passionate and motivated about, you can create a more meaningful connection with them and better leverage the power of your workforce

When we take the time to truly connect with our core values and beliefs, we are better able to leverage our strengths and focus on how we can best support others

Through our bespoke sessions we will support you in uncovering how you can get the best out of your team by enhancing connection at a deeper level to better leverage their inherent drivers for the benefit of your organisation

Leadership, personal development and brain health coaching for you and your team

At the centre of organisations are our people. Investing in yourself and your employees personal growth is vital to enhance personal performance, improve retention and increase profit

When you have a workforce that feels valued and you value investing time in them and yourself, like an effective family unit, you will be able to achieve more

Our programs and professional speaking can be tailored to individual, team or large-scale delivery depending on your needs

For more details of services specifically designed for children, please visit the Academy homepage or contact us directly

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Connect with us so we can support you in answering any questions you have and help you find the best solution for you and those you care about

Through our partnerships with professional service providers in the medical and wellbeing fields, we offer a wide range of services centred around optimising your brain health and wellbeing

Our goal is to support you and those you care about rediscover their best self and optimise their unique brain