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Helping leaders who have lost connection with who they are unchain themselves from what's holding them back, unlock the secrets to boost their mental clarity and performance and unleash their full potential so they can lead their family and team to the next level.

Coaching Reviews



Curious as to whether coaching with Ruth is the right investment for you?  If you're looking for personalised coaching that offers you a 'safe-Haven' to be vulnerable, to explore what is holding you back from moving forward so you can truly become the leader of your life, then read on!



"Being coached by Ruth - I can honestly say it has changed my life. Following a high performance model, Ruth has guided me through my development as an individual and as a professional. If asked, I would whole-heartedly recommend Ruth to anyone seeking to change and improve. Thank you Ruth for enriching my life. Ruth is a superb coach. Give it a go, you'll be blown away by the results!"


Jane Caddick, Culture Change Expert

"I found the coaching to be one of those life defining investments in me.  Having jumped in with both feet, I truly can say that the coaching has made me happier, more relaxed, more focussed and certainly 8 to 10 times more effective... it really has and it could for you as well, so stop hesitating and jump on in too."


Jeremy Davis, General Manager, Downstream Process Integration, Shell

"I learned a lot from working with Ruth in her brain health coaching program. I identified real actionable tools that I could use. Ruth also meets you where you are at. I believe she understands that this is a journey and that we may all be at different stages. Ruth did not judge or berate, but provided tools, a realistic sounding board and recommendations that are based on evidence based methods."


Catherine Ciesla, Associate Professor, College of San Mateo, California

"The advice Ruth has given me in through her wellbeing training has allowed me to reassess what it was that I was doing and to declutter my life from so many things that were either not necessary, or simply being done to prop up a badly planned approach to many other things I had been attempting to manage. I can’t thank Ruth enough of such timely and well-targeted advice. Give it a go and see for yourselves."


Dean King, Technology Entrepreneur

"I learned a ton from Havening Coaching. Ruth was flexible and articulated the process clearly and simply. I loved the insights into my past and the education on how to heal from the past. Ruth was kind and compassionate. She educated me on the process and the why for each step. I left with healing and tools to help myself in the future.


Larry Salvatoriello, Founder and President at Arkus

"Havening coaching was very easy with a comfortable style. I found it very effective and so far I have not had any further flashbacks! I loved the results. Such a simple technique with very effective results."


Arabella M

"Ruth was very relaxing and put me at ease by explaining the techniques involved in the coaching session. I loved that it's a simple technique. It didn't feel like a difficult session - I'd set my self up with a lot of tissues, just incase I got upset, but I didn't need them. It is a really positive experience and helps to dissociate the pain with the event. It's now just something that happened rather than what is constantly being lived through."


Valerie O

"The coaching session was very efficiently managed and easy to follow, but done in an inclusive, relaxed way. I loved that nothing was assumed. It was managed by Ruth, but the direction of travel was set by me. There’s nothing to fear and no downside."


Paul S

"I found the coaching really valuable, with tools not used before or even heard of - it was so different. It's not possible to access it elsewhere and Ruth explained it concisely, but was also personable."


Laura Grassick

"I was struggling with the emotional pain and grief associated with my husband’s death (Ruth’s father). Havening coaching has made me feel much calmer and at ease with myself. I loved Ruth's calm and gentle manner as she helped me through the issues. I can now think about my husband's death in a more calm and rational way. Ruth made the whole process life enhancing and easy."


Paula Woodward

"Havening coaching was a lovely experience. Ruth was very friendly and kind and I found the whole thing very relaxing and liberating. Ruth’s approach was great. I was slightly nervous beforehand, but she put me at ease right from the beginning and made it enjoyable. There is absolutely nothing to worry about! It is completely safe and comforting."


Emma P

"Ruth explained everything brilliantly, put me at ease and encouraged me throughout the process. I felt the benefit instantly. My mood was lifted and I was able to practice the technique myself after the session. I loved how it left me feeling and found using this technique it is possible to achieve a change in mood and outlook in a really short space of time. I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to give it a go. It is totally painless and didn't involve any delving into past traumatic memories. It really does have an instant and lasting impact."


Zoe T

"Ruth had a lovely warm and professional manner that immediately inspired confidence. I felt relaxed and safe throughout. I loved having a safe space to explore feelings and thoughts in a new way and being guided on a very profound journey, as well as feeling the issue as something tangible, feeling it shrinking and becoming less painful to approach. Don't be afraid - it feels safe and gentle, but is also profound and transformative. Ruth was very professional, thorough and reassuring throughout."


Kaaren W

"Havening had an immediate, lasting result and was a good experience as well. I loved that I didn't have to talk about the traumatic event. Reshaping the memory towards the end was very powerful. Go right ahead! If you are afraid of thinking about the memory or thing, don't be. You only have to bring it to mind for a short moment, not talk about it or anything else, and the session begins. Each time after I revisited the memory, it didn't have the negative charge any more. Phew!"


Kate B

Public Speaking and Facilitation Reviews



If you're looking for someone who is genuine, compassionate and able to light up the room with her message of optimism, hope and action, then you've come to the right place!



Testimonial from Les Brown


"Ruth Mary Allan is a woman who is making a difference in women’s lives and men as well. She teaches people on how to go from hope to happiness. Ruth is helping people to live their lives fully, helping people to discover their unlimited potential, to design a life that they can feel good about.

When she speaks angels stop flapping their wings. When you listen to her your life will never be the same again. I encourage you to take her course and bring out your greatness."

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

"As a guest at the “Share the Change” talks with Les Brown, I saw a number of rising stars in the speaking field. One that I thoroughly enjoyed was Ruth Mary Allan. She lit up the room with her message of optimism, hope and action. Ruth not only knows that - she practices it, by sharing her powerful message with others."

George J Chanos, Former Governor of Nevada

"Ruth is not only an excellent Havening Practitioner, she is also incredibly generous with her time and expertise through her willingness to facilitate on training events. Her input has been priceless in helping with the effective running of training because she has supported participants in break-out rooms enabling them to feel safe to practise what they have been taught in a supported environment. Thank you Ruth - you are much appreciated!”

Tony Burgess, Head of Trainer training for Havening and Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd 


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