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Take back control of your brain and whole body health

 Host Dr Ruth Allan interviews industry leaders to discuss how they have transformed their brain health or that of others by unchaining their pain to step into the person they are today

Dr Ruth is changing the way we view and talk about our brain health and how it influences our lives. Guests discuss their deep struggles with taboo topics that often go untold, yet have a profound impact on how our brain functions and how we function as individuals

This podcast is about providing you with inspiration, insights and hope. If you're ready to start a revolution in brain health and learn how you can unchain your pain, you're in the right place

   A new episode launches each Monday

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Series 5

Episode 086

Dr Marvin Berman talks about an exciting new approach called photobiomodulation combined with neurofeedback to enhance cognitive performance, released Mon 06 Nov 23

Episode 085

Alison Shaloe, a qualified midwife and lactation consultant talks about the importance of supporting women with birthing trauma, released 16 Oct 23

Episode 084

Dr Leo Galland, MD rejoins the show to talk about long covid and how to reverse and recover from it, released 09 Oct 23

Episode 083

Harald Walter Azmann talks about a Chance for Happiness in support of London Mental Health Week, LIVE 27 Sep, released 02 Oct 23

Episode 082

Dr Nathan S Bryan talks about the importance of nitric oxide in cardiovascular and cognitive health, released 25 Sep 23

Episode 081

Calvin Correli discusses the importance of exploring the final frontier - inner space to uncover inner peace, released 18 Sep 23

Series 4

Episode 080

Dave Bradley shares his journey from being a professional Manchester United player to a successful entrepreneur, released 11 Sep 23

Episode 079

Karen Mayo talks about the importance of mindful eating and how to fuel your mind, released 03 Sep 23

Episode 078

Simon Hedley talks about how to optimise your mind, released 21 Aug 23

Episode 077

Pip Delamere-Wright talks about the impact of post natal depression and how she navigated through it, released 14 Aug 23

Episode 076

Grayson Hart from Puresport talks about how to achieve optimal human performance, released 07 Aug 23

Episode 075

Jamie Thomson discusses a revolutionary was to amplify your signalling pathways in your body and mind to aid recovery, released 22 May 23

Episode 074

Dr Susanna Petche discusses the importance of being trauma informed LIVE 18 Apr, released 24 Apr 23

Episode 073

Dr Ruth goes LIVE on Thu 13 Apr to discuss 10 steps you can take to empower your children to become warriors for their health, released 17 Mar 23

Episode 072

Dr Sarah Whedon discusses brain optimisation in the workplace, released 10 Apr 23

Episode 071

Henry Dimbleby discusses the chronic state of the food system that is damaging our health and the planet and how to improve it, released 03 Apr 23

Episode 070

Dr Sally Moorcroft discusses female hormones and the brain and how to master menopause, released 20 Mar 23

Episode 069

Ken Rusk discusses how to unleash the power of the blue collar brain to achieve comfort, peace and freedom, released 13 Mar 23

Episode 068

Jon-Paul deLange, retired US Army Veteran with over 30 years of active service discusses his healing journey, LIVE 27 Feb, released 06 Mar 23

Episode 067

Leo Treadwell discusses his journey and autobiographical feedback to enhance your performance, released 27 Feb 23

Episode 066

Liz McConaghy, Chinook Crew Chick, discusses her highs and lows of military life and the events that led to her trying to take her own life, released 20 Feb 23

Episode 065

Dr Cheng Ruan, MD returns to discuss his journey to achieving success without burnout, Live 06 Feb 23, released 13 Feb 23

Episode 064

Dr Ruth Allan goes LIVE to talk about her journey to building a better brain, and discusses key turning points in her life, live 26 Jan 23, released 30 Jan 23

Episode 063

Learn how to improve your child's brain health with Dr Hokehe Eko, MD, released 23 Jan 23

Episode 062

How to harness your brain power - Conversion Code with Chris Smith, released 16 Jan 23

Episode 061

How to improve workforce wellbeing and cognitive performance with Dr Wolfgang Seidl, released 09 Jan 23

Series 3

Episode 060

How to ignite your rocket fuel and live the life of your dreams with Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco, released 19 December 2022

Episode 059

How to develop adaptive resilience and build your leadership skills with Dr Peter Gruenewald, released 12 Dec 22

Episode 058

Autoimmune Brain Disorders with Dr Craig Shimasaki, PhD, released 04 Dec 22

Episode 057

Alzheimer's is Preventable with Patrick Holford, released 28 Nov 22

Episode 056

Addiction recovery with Dr Robb Kelly, released 21 Nov 22

Episode 055

Without a Plan with Jeremy Delk, released 14 Nov 22

Episode 054

The Four P's with Michele Risa, released 07 Nov 22

Episode 053

Go for stupid with Steve D Sims, released 31 Oct 22

Episode 052

Redefining blind ambition with Aaron Golub, released 24 Oct 22

Episode 051

Staying alive in toxic times with Dr Jenny Goodman, released 17 Oct 22

Episode 050

Baby weaning and you with Rebecca Reed, released 10 Oct 22

Episode 049

TBI help NOW with Dr Mark Gordon, MD, released 03 Oct 22

Episode 048

Positive nutrition with Kate Cook, released 26 Sep 22

Episode 047

Managing trauma and grief with Dr Ruth Allan and Chris Ross®

Episode 046

Baton of Hope with Steve Phillip and Mike McCarthy

Episode 045

Creating Human Centric Workplaces with Anne Bono

Episode 044

Lost and found with Alejandro Bratti...

Episode 043

Clowning around with psychiatrist Katyna Rosario, MD...

Episode 042

How to stay outstanding with Gavin Scott...

Episode 041

Lynn Whitbeck shares her wisdom of how to unchain your pain when it comes to sales...

Series 2

Episode 040

Dr Cheng Ruan, MD shares his wisdom on the importance of belief systems...

Episode 039

Violet Detre, a rare expert in suicide, shares her powerful story of hope...

Episode 038

Story power marketing with Tom Ruwitch - dealing with imposter syndrome...

Episode 037

Winning the game of work with Terry McDougall...

Episode 036

Possibility in action with Robert Pardi - how to live an extraordinary life...

Episode 035

The School of Sass with Meera Sharma - don't let others rent space in your head...

Episode 034

Being the hero of your story with Michael Unbroken...

Episode 033

Becoming medication free with Jessy George...

Episode 032

The money game with Daniel Mangena...

Episode 031

One Degree with Ella Mae...

Episode 030

The Mindful Business Charter with Richard Martin...

Episode 029

Permission to be BOLD with Barbara Gustavson...

Episode 028

The impact of intestinal microbes with Dr Leo Galland, MD...

Episode 027

Hit me with your best shot with Neena Perez...

Episode 026

Prisoners of our thoughts with Dr Alex Pattakos...

Episode 025

Beating stage 4 terminal cancer with Mark Edmondson...

Episode 024

Bringing leadership to life with Natasha Mogg-Addis...

Series 1

Episode 015

Christopher Freeze, formerly an FBI special agent, discusses the impact of 911 and the importance of hope...

Episode 014

Saiyyidah Zaidi talks about the art and science of getting it done...

Episode 013

Dr Ruth Allan joins Chris Ross to reflect on the highlights of the last twelve episodes of the show...

Episode 012

Suzanne Nance, first American women to accomplish the 'Explorer's Grand Slam' discusses her biggest challenge - conquering her internal Everest...

Episode 011

Chris Parsons shares his story of how unresolved childhood trauma manifested in later life...

Episode 010

Fallon Jordan bravely shares her story of head trauma, ADD and overcoming rape...

Episode 009

Russ Johns shares his story of pain and loss, after falling three stories from a billboard...

Episode 008

Karen Wright shares how her life came to a tragic stop and how a parent can move past the loss of a child...

Episode 007

Keith Leslie shares his story as a child living with a psychotic mother...

Episode 006

Nazia Khatun talks about her battle with an eating disorder as a teenager, and how she found a way out of the darkness...

Episode 005

Charlie Smith talks about his childhood trauma with his abusive father, which led to destructive relationship with alcohol to escape the pain...

Episode 004

Aimee Kodachian shares her powerful story of her experience if war in Lebanon as a child...

Episode 003

Samanah Duran talks about her journey to elite entrepreneurship to become a Forbes 30 under 30 honouree 

Episode 002

Overcoming bullying with A list celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins

Episode 001

Turning trauma into your superpower with Jesslee

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