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Helping you activate and harness your full potential so that you can achieve your goals and dreams.

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Meet Ruth

Ruth is passionate about helping individuals, from the very young to the very wise, optimise their brain health and wellbeing so that they can activate and harness their full potential to achieve their goals and dreams.

In 2016 Ruth went through a very dark period when she was unexpectedly plunged into an incredibly difficult time at work, whilst simultaneously dealing with family grief.  Unhappy and unfulfilled, and struggling to come to terms with the unexpected loss, she became incredibly stressed and depressed.  Her wellbeing was rock bottom and her relationships began to suffer.

Realising there was more to life -  that she had more to give and was more capable than she was giving herself credit for, she asked herself "Am I truly activating and harnessing my full potential to make a difference in this world?"  Driven to be happy with the answer to her question, she decided to take back control of her life again.  She sought clarity on what was important to her and set an intention to focus on taking the right steps to move towards her dreams of helping others activate and harness their full potential.

In her twenties Ruth completed a PhD in Medical Imaging and Spectroscopy Applied to Dermatology at the University of Cambridge and was the first in the world to image skin cancer using Terahertz technology.  This led her to giving international talks around the world on her research, and she was an inventor on two patents.  Inspired by the experiences she had as a PhD Researcher, Ruth founded her company in 2003 to help emerging technology organisations "Harness Technology".  By age 31, for her contribution to Terahertz technology she was recognised as a Role Model for Women in Information, Technology, Electronics and Communication by the UK government and as a Role Model for Women in Optics in the USA by SPIE - the International Society for Optics and Photonics.  Since then she has helped individuals and organisations gain greater clarity and focus on their goals and dreams, helping the recovery and boost the performance of a variety of different projects and programs through her coaching and consulting.

After being requested to coach children, Ruth founded the Wellbeing Warrior Academy to help children and parents learn how to optimise their brain health and wellbeing. 

Today Ruth is a Certified Brain Health Coach through the Institute for Better Health and Amen Clinics, Certified High Performance Coach™ through the High Performance Institute, professional speaker and trainer.  She has over 20 years of coaching and 10 years of consulting experience.  She coaches individuals and organisations through her brain health and high performance coaching programs.  She is also founder of Peter and Paula Pixie Ltd, helping her dad re-ignite his passion of writing children's stories and guest judge on the Imperial College Faculty of Natural Science Make a Difference Competition.  Her goal is to establish a Brain Health Imaging clinic and supporting Wellbeing Warrior Academy and Community in the UK and Europe.  

In her spare time Ruth enjoys cycling, mountaineering, climbing and ski touring, is married to Dave, who is her rock and guiding star and mum to Lilly, who brings the joy wherever she goes!


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