Creating a safe, non-judgemental place to support you in winning back energy and time doing what you love by unchaining your pain, unlocking the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleashing your full potential through optimising your unique brain

Why coaching?

Our coaching programs are designed for you to help you unravel what is holding you back so you can step into your best self

We will be on your side and by your side every step of the way, even if you don't feel you are there for yourself

The programs are tailored to your specific needs based on your application. We focus on empowering you to let go of any past trauma or unhelpful experience, improve your mental clarity and performance and supporting you in optimising your unique brain


Boost your brain power and performance to gain more energy, happiness and fulfilment in your life


☑️   Feeling as if a past trauma or unhelpful experience is holding you back from showing up as your best self?

☑️   Feeling burnt out or worried about your current situation?

☑️   Wish you had more energy to help you and your family get through these challenging times?

☑️   Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about life, work or the family?

☑️   Struggling to stay focused and remain positive?

☑️   Frustrated and afraid of being consumed by negative thoughts and beliefs

☑️   Feeling unfulfilled and/or unhappy?

☑️   Seeking to optimise your brain power and performance now and for the long term?


It's time to take back control and optimise your engine of life

Unlock your potential and discover the "missing piece" that's been holding you back from achieving the life you deserve


Feel like your life's not where you want it to be?


FACT: What got you to the level you are at is not going to get you to your next level of performance and potential


A lot of successful people have achieved their goals at work and yet it has come at a price. 

Do you feel you’re overworked and overwhelmed, stressed-out, depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled and exhausted all the time?  Are your emotional wellbeing, health and personal relationships suffering?

You know you have more potential, you know that you have aspirations, goals and dream that you are destined to fulfil, BUT you just don’t have the mental or physical energy to get there.


Does this sound like you?


A lot of people spend so much time focusing on helping others, they have no time for themselves.  Is this you?


  • You feel overworked and overwhelmed in your current position
  • You're constantly striving to get to that next level, but know in the process you're burning out
  • You struggle to juggle work and family commitments and take time for yourself
  • You feel as if you're always on, never off
  • You manage your stress levels by eating junk and drinking too much and you're done with that
  • You're done with not having a safe space to uncover who you truly are - a space where you can be vulnerable.  You're done with not having enough energy or mental capacity to realise your goals and dreams...


Successful people may often feel overworked or overwhelmed with their current position, constantly striving to get to that next level of performance, knowing in the process they are burning out.

They struggle to juggle work and family commitments and take time for themselves.  Friendly and personable on the outside, on the inside they are battling with the feeling of isolation.

They are tired, weary and unhappy.  Their house feels like a house, not a home.  Always on, never off, they manage their stress levels by consuming unhealthy comfort food and drink. 

Exhausted and depleted in energy they long for the freedom to spend time with those that they love.


Looking for the key to unlock your potential?


They know they’ve been avoiding the most difficult challenge of optimising their own health and wellbeing and reconnecting with themselves.  They know they are just scratching the surface of what is necessary to boost their energy and unlock their true potential. 

They’ve read the self-help books, know what they need to do, but don’t create the time to do it. 

They don’t feel they have a safe place to express who they truly are.  They want someone to show them the way – fast. 

They want someone to challenge them and help them take back control of their emotional wellbeing and uncover their untapped potential.  Someone who’s ok with them revealing their authentic self.  Someone who’s on their side and by their side to guide them.  Someone who cares.


Want to speak openly to someone who's got your back?


So the Big Four Questions are:


  1. What is the SECRET to generating more energy in your life?
  2. What is the quickest, easiest, most efficient and effective way to let go of trauma and take back control of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health?
  3. What are the latest scientifically proven strategies that will help you feel better faster?
  4. What is the missing key that will help you unlock your potential and boost your energy and performance in all that you do?...

FORTUNATELY, that's exactly what our programs help you uncover...!

Brain Health FACT #1

You brain is involved in everything you do, from how your heart beats, to why your heart skips a beat.  Your brain determines your personality, character, intelligence and every single decision you make.  If your brain doesn't work right, you don't work right


Our coaching programs represents a true paradigm shift in assessing and optimising your brain health and performance. We believe it's critical to look at your brain within the context of your life

Our coaching brings the latest cutting edge science, drawing on over 30 years of experience, with reach back to world-leading specialists who image the organ they treat - the brain with an extensive database of over 175,000 brain scans

We will support you in optimising your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by reviewing the biological, psychological, social and spiritual influences affecting your brain power and performance

Your brain is the most complex organ in the universe and runs everything in your body, including how you feel, how you think, how you act and how you connect with yourself, others and the world around you

Many things can hurt your brain and affect how you function mentally, physically and emotionally

Your brain is soft - the consistency of soft butter, yet your skull is really hard.  Brain Injuries matter. Sleep matters.  What you eat matters. The environment you work, live and grew up in matters

Most problems, such as depression, anxiety or obesity, are not single or simple disorders, so a 'one size fits all' approach doesn't work. Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple in the next 30 years, yet there is no cure on the horizon and it can start decades before people have any symptoms

Knowing how your brain functions is essential to getting the right, targeted treatment to make it better, so that you can feel better and boost your energy and performance in all that you do

You are not stuck with the brain you have.  You can make it better

Through our coaching programs you will learn how you can take back control and optimise your brain and whole body health to win back best self, your energy and time doing what you love with those you love

What makes this program different?

Our coaching is underpinned by scientifically proven tools and techniques to help you unchain your pain, boost your brain power and performance, allowing you to master your mindset so you can achieve peak performance across all aspects of your life

Learn how to…


  • Let go of past trauma or unhelpful experiences that are holding you back

  • Optimise your brain and whole-body health

  • Better manage any stress, anxiety or depression you are experiencing

  • Take back control of your mindset

  • Generate more energy and feel more empowered and positive about your direction of travel in life

  • Increase your awareness of how you feel, think, act and connect with yourself and the world around you

  • Master your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

  • Gain clarity on what your purpose, values and beliefs are that guide you in life

  • Tailor your nutrition to help you optimise your unique brain type

Our coaching programs are here to support you in identifying and optimising your brain health and better manage your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

We will challenge you to dive deep into what makes you tick. To help you recognise and be able to better manage your emotions

We will give you tools and techniques to help you to take control of your physical health and mental wellbeing. Help you gain clarity in your purpose, values and beliefs so that you are truly connected with the best of who you are and are able to show up as your best self

As a Certified Havening Practitioner, Brain Health Professional and High Performance Coach, Ruth will work with you to look at the five pillars of your brain and whole body health and help you attain mastery in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

By developing a deeper understanding of what makes you tick and your inner strengths, you'll learn how to take back control of your emotions, increase your self-belief, overcome life's struggles, increase your level of clarity and feel a greater connection to yourself and others

Through mastering your biological, psychological, social and spiritual health you'll feel more energised, focused and in control of you


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