Teach Your Family Havening

Help you and your family manage day to day stress, anxiety and overwhelm with this powerful technique and equip them for life


Are you or a child in your care struggling with their emotions on a day to day basis?


Have they had a traumatic or unhelpful experience at an early age such as...

  • Experienced pre-birth or birthing trauma
  • Felt terrified by something that happened, or completely out of control in a situation, such as a balloon popping at a birthday party or fireworks going off unexpectedly
  • Experienced combat, war or been involved in a serious accident, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or an animal attack
  • Experienced a sudden loss
  • Faced a serious illness or injury or suffered extreme pain
  • Experienced domestic or childhood abuse, bullying, embarrassment or humiliation
  • Been on the receiving end of criminal behaviour, stalking or received serious threats or viewed disturbing scenes?

Or are they struggling with...

  • Uncontrollable emotional responses as if they are on a rollercoaster of emotions, including unexpected anger responses, crying, nightmares or disturbed sleep
  • Unhelpful emotional or physical responses to distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment, experiences of natural disaster, or traumatic events
  • Fear of abandonment, grief, stress, frustration, or upset
  • Brain health struggles, such as stress, anxiety, depression, autism, Asperger's, ADHD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic attacks, a phobia or chronic pain?


Support you and your family in better managing their emotions, and reducing their stress and anxiety levels to start living a calmer, more balance life


FACT: When it comes to stress and anxiety, the earlier you address it the better


Not dealing with unresolved stress and anxiety is one of the worst things you can do. Stress and anxiety is a symptom, often with trauma at the underlying root cause.

Like an ember, it burns inside your mind. Burying stress doesn't put it out - it still burns. The longer you leave it the worse it gets.

The more stress and anxiety you harbour, the more fuel you add to the fire inside your mind.

Unresolved stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your mind and body due to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This makes you more susceptible to future stressors and chronic illnesses.

This is why it's so important to equip children with effective tools they can use to put out any fire burning inside their mind as early as possible


The four elements required for a trauma to be encoded in your mind:


A lot of people talk about there being two types of trauma - big Trauma and little trauma

The truth is, size doesn't matter when it comes to trauma. If you have the four elements necessary for a trauma to be encoded in your mind, it doesn't matter how old you are, or how you or others perceive it's importance, the encoding will be there in your mind regardless

Trauma doesn't care about your age, colour, size, shape, gender bias, ethnicity... Trauma is trauma, irrespective of how long ago it happened

It is incredibly easy to dismiss the impact an unexpected event can have on a child as we view it through adult eyes. Children's brains are still evolving and continue to do so until they are 25 years old as females and 28 years old as males.

They don't have the emotional or cognitive knowledge to differentiate between what is a threat or not, and so what may appear as an innocuous event can easily be encoded as a trauma inside their mind, such as a balloon bursting at a birthday party

The four elements required for a trauma to be encoded in your mind are:

  1. Event - an event will have taken place, whether you remember it or not, that is significant for your mind. This can be a singular event or in the instance of layered trauma, multiple events, constituting an 'experience.' Traumatic events can be encoded in your mind as soon as your brain comes 'online' in the womb
  2. Meaning - your mind assigns a particular meaning to that event, in essence it sees the event as a threat to your survival, in whatever form your mind interprets 'survival'
  3. Landscape - the landscape in your mind is vulnerable to the event being perceived as a threat. For example, you may have experienced similar events that you had encoded as a threat, or something else was happening in your life at the time, which increased your vulnerability to having the trauma encoded in your mind
  4. Inescapability - you perceive the event as inescapable. It doesn't feel safe. You wanted to be able to 'escape' from it, but you could not

Has a child in your care been involved in an experience that was significant? That felt like a threat? At the time they felt or were vulnerable? They couldn't escape from it?


The chances are your child experienced trauma. Are you ready to equip them with a simple, yet powerful tool to help them reduce their day to day stress and anxiety and better manage their emotions?


What makes this course different?


This course is underpinned by scientifically proven tools and techniques to reduce stress levels. During the course you will learn:

  • How Havening works inside your mind
  • Why Havening is such an important life tool to equip our children with
  • Activities you can do with the child in your care to help them manage their emotions
  • Approaches you can take to help your child with their bedtime routine and sleep
  • How to manage your emotions going forward through the power of guided Havening.


On the fence?


This approach has been described as 'the best treatment for emotionally traumatising experiences and particularly for PTSD.' Dr Sandlin Lowe

What is included?

As part of this course you'll get:

  • Access to your online course that you can work through with your child at your own pace to learn how to reduce day-day stress and anxiety effectively
  • Detailed ebook explaining what the technique is, why it's so useful for children and how you can use it for yourself and your family
  • Guided videos to help you and your family reduce day to day stress and anxiety
  • Online support for any questions you have regarding the course
  • Access to the Wellbeing Warrior Community, where you can share your success stories and connect with others seeking to optimise their health and wellbeing and that of their children

Who is this course perfect for?

  1. Expectant parents and existing parents and carers wishing to equip themselves with a powerful tool both they and their child can use throughout life
  2. Parents and carers with children who had a traumatic birthing experience
  3. Parents and carers with children who struggle to manage their emotions on a day to day basis
  4. Parents and carers with children who have brain health struggles such as autism, Aspergers, ADHD, inherited stress and anxiety or depression or PTSD
  5. Parents and carers with children who had been involved in a traumatic or unhelpful experience


What is the requirement to participate in this course?

  • You must be an adult to register for the course

  • A computer or a phone with a speaker and microphone and access to the Internet

  • It is helpful to be able to view the screen whilst having access to your hands

  • Access to a toy or comfort blanket for your child if they are sensitive to touch

Your Coach

Dr Ruth Mary Allan is a Certified Brain Health Professional through the Amen Clinics and Institute for Better Health, Certified Havening Practitioner and High Performance Coach. She is a trained Trauma Risk Management Coordinator for the Military and Mental Health First Aider

More about Ruth.

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