Interview with Fallon Jordan, Amen Clinics: The importance of Havening in a crisis

Sep 21, 2020

In my interview with Fallon Jordan at the Amen Clinics I discuss my journey to brain health, executive coaching, and the practice Havening and why it's so important to learn how to self-Haven in a crisis.


Fallon - I've heard so many wonderful things about you. You've been all over the grid with everything the clinics have to offer, Brain MD and Amen University. Could you share a bit about how you found us and what your journey's been like?

My journey

Ruth - Sure! A couple of years ago I was working in the corporate world. I went through a very difficult performance review. Just before that I had a miscarriage. It put  me in a state of extreme stress and depression. I started having suicidal thoughts. I realised something had to change, so I went on an amazing journey. First I reached out to High Performance Coaching. As I went on that journey I met Dr Daniel Amen at one of the events I attended.

My background is in medical imaging of skin cancer and I always wanted to go back to medical imaging and I just found it fascinating what he'd learnt about the brain.

It really made me realise that I could connect the dots between my experience in the corporate world and how it made me feel and how I went on an amazing transformational journey and also applying my knowledge from a scientific perspective and joining those two dots together.

So I chose to become a Certified Brain Health Coach as well as a High Performance Coach. As I went on the transformational journey, digging myself out of the depths of chronic stress and depression, I lost 27 lbs focusing on my health and wellbeing. Taking into account the focus on brain health when I read 'Change your Brain Change Your Life,' by Dr Daniel Amen, to my surprise in April 2018 I had the power to go on a ski touring expedition on the Alps in Europe. At the same time I realised it wasn't just myself and husband, but we also had a little passenger on board. Nine months later I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Lilly was born.

It was a phenomenal journey of not only mental health, but brain health overall, which is so important.  Also having a new person in the world, I really wanted to focus that I optimised my brain health, not just for me, but for my daughters future as well. Wow - isn't it so important that we see that today - making sure we look after each other's brain health.

The Power of Havening Techniques®

Obviously with the crisis that we are now in I reached out to the Amen Clinics and to find out how I could broaden my skill set and really help people.  Dr Sandlin Lowe recommended that I look into the practise of Havening Techniques, which is a new type of technique that really helps people deal with past emotional trauma or unhelpful experiences.

So I certified as a Havening Techniques Practitioner.  Since then I've been able to help people remove flashbacks associated with PTSD that they've had, help people in the emergency services reduce the stress associated with witnessing a colleague dying from COVID-19, as well as helping my immediate family - particularly my mum with her grief having lost my dad last year.

In fact it was Havening that I went to as my go-to initially as I was struggling to coming to terms with witnessing my dad's death. It was truly transformational. I was able to reduce my distress level from a 7/10 at the start of the session to a 2/10 at the end of it. I can now talk about it without going into a complete meltdown.

For all the coaching and Havening clients I've helped with Havening, it's really been a transformational journey. The power is achievable in one session for many people. Some people go back for more depending on the complexity of their past struggles.

It's been a really amazing journey - a really exciting one. I'm so pleased that I was put on an unexpected performance review and told I had no emotional intelligence several years ago.

Now I really have stepped into the person I want to become and leveraged that for my own benefit and leveraged it to help other people step into their greatness and show up as the person they want to be, rather than the person they may feel trapped in at the moment based on their current circumstances or past trauma.

Fallon - What a beautiful story. I loved the way you worded everything. It's just so wonderful what you're doing and where you came from. How you can serve everybody, and definitely Lilly.

Help with showing up as your best self

Ruth - Thanks! It doesn't matter what walk of life you're from. So many people at the moment are struggling. It's important we help people tool up so they can take charge of their wellbeing and be the boss of who they are and want to be.

As a Brain Health Coach and Havening Practitioner it's really great to serve my clients and help them step up to that next level, really help them resolve any anxiety they may have from their past and help them step into the person they want to be. 

I'm super grateful for Dr Daniel Amen and all the work he and his team do. Especially visiting the Amen Clinics to understand my brain and how it works. It was really good for me to make sure I balance my brain and show up as my best self so I can serve my clients as best I can.

Fallon - Thank you so much. Hearing your story is so empowering and wonderful. I'm so glad we have someone like you over in England!

Ruth - Thank you! And thank you for helping me!

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