Clowning Around with Dr Katyna Rosario, MD

podcast Aug 01, 2022

by Dr Ruth Allan | 01 August 2022

Katyna Rosario, MD joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 43rd Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 3rd Episode in Series 3

Katyna Rosario, MD is a child and adolescent, and adult psychiatrist based at the Amen Clinics in their new Amen Clinic in Miami, Florida. She sees children, teens, and adults, and treats a wide range of mental health diagnoses

Dr. Rosario is completely bilingual in Spanish and English and works with patients who speak either language. Her published research includes adolescent mental health in Latino communities and the impact of internet addiction and use of psychiatric services in this population, as well as the beneficial influence clowning has on the mental health of children. Of note, Dr. Rosario is also a professional clown!

Dr. Rosario's expertise includes treating children and adolescent patients who have autism spectrum disorder. She integrates a wide array of resources for patients - either at our practice or within their communities to further support them in reaching their goals

In this Episode, Dr Rosario talks about the importance of keeping childhood alive. She discusses what inspired her to become a psychiatrist and the shift she noticed when she had the opportunity to scan her patient’s brains - in particular the speed at which she is able to help her clients get better

She discusses trauma in children and the patterns that show up on functional brain scans, as well as what sports can help - or hurt your child’s brain

She shares her unique therapeutic approach, which she uses to supporting children with autism improve their brains, as well as the impact that the pandemic had on her brain function and her connection with her patients

I loved talking with Dr Rosario - it was great to speak with a professional who was both humble and connected to the importance of fun, positive childhood experiences and empowering our children have better brains and better lives

If you have a child that is struggling with their brain function and traditional routes have failed, this is one episode you don't want to miss!

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