How to boost your brain health in a crisis - assessing the FACTS

Apr 29, 2020

Struggling to stay in control at home, with your family and in the workplace?

Find out how you can learn how to take back control of your mindset by assessing your Five Pillars of Brain Health™️ using the mnemonic FACTS™️.

Ask yourself - what's the FACTS behind my brain health?

What is within my control?

F - Feelings: How do I feel and want to feel?

A - Actions: What actions, behaviours and habits are helping and hurting me?

C - Connection to yourself and others: How can I get better connected to my core values and beliefs and to those that will support my growth?

T - Thoughts: What thoughts am I listening to and are they serving me?

S - Surroundings and how you sense them: How can I optimise my surroundings and how I choose to sense them to improve my brain health?

By assessing your five pillars of brain health and focusing on how you can become a Wellbeing Warrior, you, or anyone you care about can learn how to manage and take back control of their brain health.

Are you ready to unchain your pain, unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleash your full potential so you can step into your best self?

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