How to reduce stress in the workplace - 5 productivity hacks

Feb 04, 2020

Have you ever suffered with stress or anxiety in the workplace? Here's five productivity hacks that can help you can take back control of your stress levels.

1. Block 'YOU' time

This is time dedicated to you.  It includes both time to do the things that are most important to you as well as thinking time. Protect it at all costs!

2. Win the morning

Set yourself up for success for the day and week by establishing the right morning routine to get your day off to a good start, so that you are motivated. Importantly for work that requires a lot of activation energy / effort to get going, put this in the morning, not the afternoon, so you don't get to the end of the day stressed out that you haven't been able to get the hard, important stuff done

3. Block email time

Yes I'm serious!  Only check your email during this time. Email hijacks your day if you have your application open all the time. Only check email when you have scheduled to check it. If necessary, put an out of office on so people know when you check your email. If it's urgent, people can reach out and talk to you or use the phone

4. Re-energise yourself at the top of the hour

It's been shown from scientific studies that we are most productive when working in 52minute blocks. I call this FOCUS FIFTY. So start working at the top of the hour. Work for 50mins. Take 10mins break to re-energise, check out from your screen and check in with your breathing. If necessary go for a walk or do 10 deep breaths. A high performance habit is to release tension, then set intention for the next task at hand.

5. Put at hard stop at the end of the day and protect it

Check out of work and check in with your family. Make people aware that you have this hard stop. Don't let them hijack it.

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