How to stop burnout at the top of your game

high performance coaching leadership overwhelmed Mar 15, 2021

A lot of business leaders are struggling. They're at the top of their game, but they're too afraid to admit that they have a problem. 

They're in the land of overwhelm. Overwhelmed with the pressures of work. Overwhelmed with the current situation. Overwhelmed with the volume of responsibility, of putting on a brave face for the people that they serve to lead.

This can cause problems, not only in the short term from a health and wellbeing perspective, but it will also have long-term consequences due to the layers of stress that have built up.

We know from research that the stress hormone cortisol can have long term consequences on not only our brain health and our ability to remember things, but also on our immune system. 

When you are in that space as a leader, you may feel afraid that you might burst the bubble of expectation you've set up for yourself in terms of what it means for you to be a high performing leader.

You’re worried what people may say. If you own up to say that you're having a problem, you're worried about the label they might give you. You're worried about the consequences that might have on your status.

Ultimately, your ego is getting away in your progress and your long term growth, health and wellbeing. 

So it's really important that you do take the time to focus on how you can stop yourself from getting into this position. 


My name is Dr Ruth Mary Allan. I help business leaders who have lost sight of their best self unchain their pain, unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleash their full potential through optimising their unique brain so that they can step into their best self and more effectively lead their family and team to that next level in life. 

I myself was in that position of overwhelm. I myself was in that position of burnout. I understand how hard it can be to admit that you're struggling. To admit that you are not able to cope in the way that you hoped you would in the leadership position that you’re in. A leadership position that perhaps you've built up for yourself. 

I really was worried about admitting that I was having a problem based on the environment that I was working in, but that approach wasn't serving me. It wasn't serving my health. I was rock bottom. 

I had all the wrong habits, all the wrong processes set up that were making me worse, rather than making me better. 

It's really important that we take the time to acknowledge our struggles, so that we can start that journey to recovery. So that we can start that journey of transformation. So that we can tool ourselves up with the things that we need to help us unchain our pain, to help us unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance so that we can truly step into our best selves.

So you might be saying to yourself, I don't have the time to do this. I'm too busy looking after everyone else. I'm too afraid to acknowledge that I have a problem. What will people think of me? 

But the reality is - what are you thinking about yourself? What would your future self say to you now? What will your future self look like if you don’t take action? Will there even be a future self? 

If you don't take action right now to stop yourself from burning out, it could have catastrophic consequences on your near and long term health. The chances are, if you're listening to this, you're probably already in the burn out situation. 

So what steps can you take? 


Step 1: I want you to pause.

I want you to stop. And you might say, “No, I can't do that!” 


That's the first thing you need to learn to do. You need to learn to say “no.” You need to learn to say ‘no’ to all of the things that you have on your plate that aren’t serving you.

You need to say no to the things that are not necessary for you to do. You need to say no to the bad habits that you have adopted. You need to say no to the full diary that you've created, that is not helping you or your long-term health. 


Step 2: The next thing I want you to focus on is I want you to reflect.

I want you to reflect on your diary. I want you to look at your diary in great detail and understand what is it that is most necessary for you to do this week.

What is missing from your diary that you're doing anyway, that you haven't even scheduled? Perhaps you’ve even thrown this on top of yourself as a great big burden, that's still weighing you down, yet you've not even acknowledged it’s a task on your to-do list!

What is it you're missing from the time you have when you've got that full list in front of you? I want you to focus on the things that you can drop and the things that you can swap.

Who can you delegate the items to? Are they really necessary to be done right now? What is the true deadline associated with the items on your calendar? What is the true deadline associated with the items on your to-do list? What can wait? 


Step 3: I want you to focus on pivoting.

Pivoting from putting all of your attention into looking after other people to all of your attention into looking after yourself. 

You can't fully and effectively look after your team if you're not looking after yourself first and foremost. Your health comes first. If you care for your team, you have to care for yourself. You are part of that team. 


What steps do you need to take to make that pivot possible? To dedicate time for your personal growth and self-reflection? For your self-care?

Would you like to find out more about how I can help you unchain your pain, unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance, get rid of that brain fog and let go of the overwhelm that you might be experiencing, stop burnout and really dial in on your unique brain, so you can unleash your potential?

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