Simple steps to help boost your mood in the winter

exercise immune system mood booster vitamin d Mar 16, 2021

When it comes to the winter, the sun sets a lot earlier and the time we spend outside during the day diminishes. We can notice a shift in either our mood or the mood of the people within our household, including our children. 

Quite often, we don't make that connection with the change in the mood state - within our home or within our office space, to the reduction in sunlight that we're getting throughout the day.

Our vitamin D intake, which is driven by the exposure to the sun, is vital to help boost our mood. Vitamin D also supports our immune system. 

It's important that we take the time to consider whether a vitamin D deficiency is a potential root cause of the problem associated with our mood. 

Unaddressed, things can get out of hand, particularly in the winter when we have more social interaction during the holiday period, or indeed lockdown, and the relationships in the household can get strained. Relationships in the workplace can become strained. 

We can start blaming the behavior on the actual child or the adult themselves, rather than thinking about what could be the environmental root cause of the change in their brain state. 

So it's vital that we consider what we can do to boost our mood in the winter months, and particularly with a focus on sunlight and vitamin D supplementation.


My name is Dr. Ruth Mary Allan. I'm a certified brain health and high-performance coach and certified Havening Techniques practitioner. I help people unchain their pain, unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleash their full potential by optimizing their unique brain.

One winter day I was talking to my dry cleaning lady whilst visiting the shops and she was expressing that she was having real behavioral problems with her children in the winter months.

She couldn't really put a finger on what the root cause of the problem was. 

As we got talking I asked her “What's the normal routine in the daytime in the winter?” She said they are normally outdoors in the summer and love to play out all the time. 

I said, did they take any additional vitamin D supplementation in the winter? “No, we don't. We just take a normal multivitamin.” I said, “It's quite possible that they don't have enough vitamin D in their system to boost their mood because vitamin D is really linked to both our mood and our immune system.”

She talked to me a few weeks later and she told me, wow, what an amazing difference. I went and got some vitamin D and I gave it to my children. I boosted their vitamin D supplementation and they are just completely different kids.

It's so easy, isn't it, for us to blame our children for their behavioral issues? To blame it on the individual, rather than to look at the surroundings that are causing them to have that change in behavior. 

To label a child or adult with a mental health struggle that actually doesn't exist because it's purely the fact they're not getting the right nutrients, the right vitamins, the right supplements in their system to balance their brain and make sure that their mood is balanced. 

And it is such a simple fix. 

You might be saying, “It can't possibly be the consequence of vitamin D levels. It can't really be that simple, honestly, can a tablet really make that much difference?”


There are many studies that show the importance of vitamin D and the relationship of vitamin D to enhancing our mood.

So what simple steps can you take to enhance your mood and boost it over the winter period? 


Step 1: Spend some more time outdoors

If you have hunkered down in the house and you are able to get outside, then do spend some more time outdoors. If this isn’t possible, or the sunlight levels during the day are low, consider purchasing a bright light therapy lamp. Turn it on for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning to really elevate your mood. You can use that in your home for all of your family. Please do read the instructions to make sure you're using it properly. 


Step 2. Check your Vitamin D levels

Check your Vitamin D levels for your family and for yourself, making sure that they're at the right level for you and that you supplement appropriately in the winter period. You can take up to 10,000 units a day as an adult, although 5,000 units a day is what it typically recommended as an optimal dose for an adult particularly during the winter months. You can get your Vitamin D levels checked privately through this link. Please consult with an appropriate healthcare professional to make sure you've got the right levels for you and your family.


Step 3: Increase your level of exercise

If those simple steps don't work, look at increasing your level of exercise each day appropriate to your health conditions. Walk like you’re late. The NHS recommends 150 minutes moderate exercise per week. How the way you talk to yourself could also be impacting your mood. 

There could be other root causes that may be causing your mood to be suboptimal, such as diet or imbalances or your microbiome in your gut, as well as part trauma playing havoc on your emotional centres in your brain. 


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