The one reason that prevents people from living the life of their dreams | E80

podcast Sep 11, 2023
Broken Focus - the number one reason that prevents people from living the life of their dreams

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 11 Sep 23

Dave Bradley is an ex Manchester United player of four years and a Redox Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He's a husband, Dad, friend and Entrepreneur and changes lives for a living either financially, health-wise, or both

His gift to the world is a breakthrough technology in Health and Wellness, Anti Aging, Athletic Performance and Recovery - acknowledging that with every breakthrough comes massive opportunity

In this episode Dave discusses his journey from being a football player at Manchester United to becoming a successful network marketing entrepreneur, able to live the life of his dreams. He discusses the importance of mindset in achieving the life of your dreams and the importance of focus. He reveals the secrets that keep his brain functioning despite the risks he endured as a footballer, as well as what made him the entrepreneurial success he is today

He also shares his story about how he was able to recover from injuries from sport and his own autonomic encoding, through appropriate therapeutic intervention and the use of ASEA's redox signalling technology

Finally he talks about his drive to get ahead of the game and his focus on preventative health to achieve an optimal health span and lifespan for his brain and body. I loved this episode as Dave just tells it how it is.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 01.47 - What Dave is passionate about: his wife and being a full time dad and sharing the gift of redox technology to the world
  • 05.00 - Focusing on what you're passionate about. Dave's 6.5 decades worth of experience
  • 06.15 - The importance of personal development and professional growth
  • 09.05 - What happened when Dave sat down with Craig from Australia, who already had the lifestyle Dave wanted
  • 10.41 - Dave's footballing story that led him to New Zealand
  • 11.45 - Craig's question to Dave: and what he found out...
  • 13.50 -  What football taught him and how he found the lifestyle living his dream: where failure wasn't an option
  • 16.40 - What optimal brain health means for Dave in the context of his life's journey: positive mental attitude, understanding the impact of headers on brain health and how people in Dave's industry are dying from head trauma
  • 21.50 - The Amen Clinics NFL study on traumatic brain injuries
  • 22.13 - Would you ask your child to bang their head against the wall 100 times a day as they do in football? The clue's in the name football - use your feet!
  • 23.12 - Gordon McQueen's death and Dave's Manchester United story: and his number one reason why people fail in life - broken focus
  • 27.00 - Dave's advice on how to maintain positive mental attitude: make your dream bigger than your fear
  • 29.40 - Dave's analogy of photography: maintaining appropriate focus on your dream
  • 30.43 - The Five Pillars of brain health questions with Dave: starting with feelings
  • 31.23 - Being introduced to ASEA redox signalling technology by Mal Sword: do people move product or does product move people?
  • 34.00 - Dave's chat with his two girls 
  • 38.20 - Dave's story with ASEA redox signalling technology: getting ahead of the game and being in prevention mode
  • 41.38 - How you can't eat your way to health - the peace of mind that Dave needs to be healthy for a long time
  • 44.00 - The blueberry dilemma and eating nutrient rich, not pesticide rich food
  • 45.00 - The key aspect of redox signalling technology: it's native to the body, our body makes redox signalling molecules
  • 46.40 - Ruth's introduction to redox signalling technology: how we are missing an enormous opportunity in optimising our health
  • 48.00 - Fix the cell, fix the problem: using redox cell signalling supplement
  • 49.13 - Dave's story about his mother with diabetes: due to organ failure
  • 50.30 - Supporting the communication network in people struggling with their health
  • 51.18 - Dave's story and how redox signalling technology impacted him: from his diagnosis with facet's syndrome, to fixing his back by neurological rewiring, and without surgery, achieving his goal of looking long and lean and running a marathon, combined with redox signalling molecules
  • 1.02.00 - Reflecting back to his training with his coach Craig to move himself forward in life
  • 1.03.00 - Dave's one piece of advice for those sceptical around redox signalling technology: negative folk - not open minded enough to make progress. Google is not research, it's just someone's opinion; don't get in your own way of helping yourself; Oprah Winfrey's story...
  • 1.06.33 - Dave's Uncle's story: focusing on prevention from 40 years old
  • 1.07.50 - Dave's wort story
  • 1.08.22 - What inspired Dr Ruth Allan to try ASEA redox signalling technology.

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