Why looking after your wellbeing first is so important

Jul 27, 2018

I asked a friend of mine - Dean, a consulting client and now a Wellbeing Warrior™ coaching student, to write a testimonial on my live training program Wellbeing Warrior Monthly LIVE, after they signed up following my advice.  This program is aimed at helping you take back control of your wellbeing, so that you can generate more energy and improve your performance in all that you do.

The feedback he sent me blew me away.  It has reminded me not only why looking after your wellbeing first and foremost is so necessary to achieve long term success, but also how important it is to recognise those who are struggling and to share your experiences and offer them help.

Read Dean's story...

Dean's story

"Knowing Ruth for some considerable time now and having worked with her before, I decided to contact her and ask for her assistance project managing the product development and marketing phases of a new venture I and my brother had embarked upon. 

During the early stages of our meetings, Ruth became aware of my mood and the fact that I had been under a lot of pressure due to my day job, but also the project I was embarking upon and difficult issues with elderly relatives.

It had become clear that I was struggling along and hadn’t realised the effect that my poorly managed approach to the many challenges I had were having on me.

Ruth, after discussing this with me, kindly sent me an invite to one of her Wellbeing Warrior monthly sessions and to be honest, although I was grateful, I couldn’t imagine when I would have the time to spare to watch it.  And so it remained in my inbox for over six weeks.

After one particularly hectic day at the office I called in at a pub to have a cold beer and gather my thoughts and lose some stress before I got home.

The place was quiet so I browsed through my emails and found the invite from Ruth.  Ruth had chosen the session well. The next 40 minutes were the best 40 minutes I spent this year.  I recognised myself in the description Ruth gave of her own experiences of being under stress and initially not coping properly.  The advice given allowed me to reassess what it was that I was doing and to declutter my life from so many things that were either not necessary, or simply being done to prop up a badly planned approach to many other things I had been attempting to manage.  The advice to cut down alcohol and stop using it as a way to get away from stress and to make time for exercise was particularly poignant.

I followed the advice and can honestly say that the time I have been able to release by decluttering my life has allowed me to find time to exercise, which surprisingly has given me more energy, lifted my mood and allowed me to reengage with old interests.

I now walk six to eight miles every night, except Wednesdays when I go wild swimming.  I cycle at weekends, my alcohol intake has dropped to 10% of its previous figure, I have lost 20lbs and feel so much better for it.  I have been able to meet all my work commitments and am now progressing well on the project that Ruth is assisting me with managing.   My children and my wife have all commented on my better moods and we have had time to do more at weekends instead of me being stuck in front of my laptop catching up on missed targets.

I can’t thank Ruth enough of such timely and well targeted advice.  Give it a go and see for yourselves."


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