What it means to become a Wellbeing Warrior™

Feb 21, 2018

Have you ever had those days when you know that you're not showing up as your best self?  Perhaps you're tired or you find it difficult to concentrate on the task in hand?  Or do you continually snap at people when you don't mean to?

Maybe you're struggling to find the time to exercise, or you keep reaching for the comfort food to help with your stress levels?  Do you feel as if you've got your mental, physical and emotional energy in check?  Do you feel as if you're on the right path in life, or do you feel as if you're at a crossroads, you're not sure which way to go and you don't quite feel "you"?

To become a Wellbeing Warrior™ means being focused on and optimising your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing - managing our emotions, optimising our activities and how we maintain our physical health to show up as our best self.  It means having clarity of thought and thinking logically, and knowing that what we are doing in life is aligned to our values, our beliefs and our purpose.  

So how can we improve our wellbeing and reset our sights on becoming that Wellbeing Warrior™?

1. Emotional wellbeing - check in with our emotions

Are your emotions helping you or hindering you achieve what is important to you?  Are you able to manage your emotions - to manage your monkey mindset?  If you're struggling here and perhaps you feel that you're at a cross roads in life, why not register for my FREE course Hope to Happiness and let me help guide you to a place of greater happiness and fulfilment in life?!

2. Physical wellbeing - review our actions and maintenance activities

Are your actions and how you maintain your body helping you perform - what you eat, drink, how you exercise, what habits you have?  Write down what activities are helping and what are hindering you.

3. Mental wellbeing - evaluate our thinking patterns

Are you thinking clearly?  Do you approach situations with life and look at it from a logical perspective, or are you emotionally driven?  Write down how you dealt with situations that arose this week and determine whether you approached it from a monkey mindset, being driven by your emotions, or a human mindset, considerate and logical.

4. Spiritual wellbeing - determine our alignment and connection to ourselves

Although this is very rarely discussed under the banner of "Wellbeing," the fourth segment of what it means to be a Wellbeing Warrior™ - our spiritual wellbeing, is incredibly important as it defines us as a person.  It defines how we show up and how congruent we are - how connected we are with ourselves.  Do you feel fully connected with your values, beliefs and purpose in life, or are you busy doing work that you know is not your life's work?  How aligned and connected is the work that you do to your values and beliefs?  Write down your values and beliefs and then list what activities are aligned to those and what are not.  If you have a clear purpose in life, write down what activities you are doing that are aligned to it and what are not.

If you found that you are off target in one or more of those areas - your emotional, physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing and you'd like to find out how you can refocus and improve on those areas to optimise your wellbeing and set your sights firmly on becoming a Wellbeing Warrior™, sign up to my FREE webinar by clicking on the link below!

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