Unchain your pain from a past trauma or unhelpful experience so you can start living again


Are you ready to unchain your pain and let go of those unhelpful emotions, thoughts and sensations from past trauma or unhelpful experiences so you can finally start living again?

Yes - I'm ready to unchain my pain I'm not ready to unburden myself...

Have you had a traumatic or unhelpful experience in your life and feel it’s time to ditch any unhelpful responses to finally start living again?


Have you experienced a traumatic or unhelpful experience such as...

Being a first responder to a major crisis such as COVID-19; Experienced sudden loss; Faced a serious illness or injury; Suffered extreme pain; Felt terrified by something that happened; Felt completely out of control in a situation; Been part of an emergency situation; Viewed disturbing scenes; Abuse; Bullying; A serious accident or natural disaster; Experiences of combat and war; Embarrassment or humiliation; An animal attack; Been on the receiving end of criminal behaviour; Stalking; Received serious threats?

Or are you struggling with...

Unhelpful emotional responses to distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment, etc); Unhelpful emotional responses resulting from experiences of natural disaster, traumatic events (assault, rape, abuse, crime etc) and also experiences of war; Unexpected anger responses; Fear of abandonment; Grief; Stress, Frustration, Upset; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Panic attacks; A phobia or Chronic Pain?


I can help you unchain your pain and let go of any unhelpful feelings, thoughts and bodily responses associated with your experience.


You may have found it hard to shake off a traumatic experience. You may be carrying it around inside so it's interfering with your life and how you are showing up or responding to certain things. The lingering feelings may be draining you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Perhaps you've found these unhelpful feelings and responses to the past have been triggered over and over again?  As a consequence you may sometimes feel helpless, trapped and imprisoned by your own past.

Is this you?

If you are like most people that have felt haunted by a past trauma, you (quite understandably) won’t be aware of how to interrupt or replace the connections in your mind that keep these powerful, unhelpful responses alive.


Now you can ditch your trauma, once and for all.


I know how to quickly and effectively break those chains – those connections in your mind that have been binding you to your past traumatic experiences.  I can help release you from that trauma so you can escape any unhelpful effects from the past and start truly living again!


 On the fence?


Dr Sandlin Lowe from the Amen Clinics in the USA has described Havening as ‘the best treatment for emotionally traumatising experiences and particularly for PTSD.’


Unconvinced and need more proof? 

Here's what the scientific research has shown...

UK scientific research by Kirsty L Hodgson et al, undertaking a statistician-blind parallel-group controlled trial, has shown how one session of Havening has reduced blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels of those with Type D personality, and after one month, those receiving Havening no longer had the attributes of that personality.  One of the first papers published on Havening in the UK by Gursimran et al proved a single session of Havening efficacious in reducing self-reported symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Don't take my word for it. See what my clients have to say...

"The session was very easy with a comfortable style. I found it very effective and so far I have not had any further flashbacks! Such a simple technique with very effective results."

Arabella M

"Ruth was very relaxing and put me at ease. It is a really positive experience and helps to dissociate the pain with the event. It's now just something that happened rather than what is constantly being lived through. "

Valerie O

"I was struggling with the emotional pain and grief associated with my husband’s death. The session made me feel much calmer and at ease with myself. I loved Ruth's calm and gentle manner. I can now think about my husband's death in a more calm and rational way. Ruth made the whole process life enhancing and easy."

Paula W

"The coaching session was very efficiently managed and easy to follow, but done in an inclusive, relaxed way. I loved that nothing was assumed. There’s nothing to fear and no downside."

Paul S

"It was a lovely experience. Ruth was very kind and I found the whole thing very relaxing and liberating. Her approach was great. I was slightly nervous beforehand, but she put me at ease and made it enjoyable. There is absolutely nothing to worry about! It is completely safe and comforting. "

Emma P

"Ruth explained everything brilliantly. I felt the benefit instantly. My mood was lifted and I was able to practice the technique myself after the session. I loved how it is possible to achieve a change in mood and outlook in a really short space of time. It is totally painless and didn't involve any delving into past traumatic memories. It really does have an instant and lasting impact."

Zoe T

"Ruth was understanding and the techniques were simple and worked. I loved the ability to have control and that mental pain and suffering can be healed without medication and can be done on your own. Ruth is great, genuine and supportive. "

Larry S

"Ruth had a lovely warm and professional manner that immediately inspired confidence. I felt relaxed and safe throughout. I loved being able to explore feelings and thoughts in a new way and being guided on a very profound journey, as well as feeling the issue as something tangible, feeling it shrinking and becoming less painful to approach. It was profound and transformative."

Kaaren W

"Havening had an immediate, lasting result. I loved that I didn't have to talk about the traumatic event. Reshaping the memory towards the end was very powerful. If you are afraid of thinking about the memory or thing, don't be. You only have to bring it to mind for a short moment, not talk about it or anything else. Each time I revisited the memory, it didn't have the negative charge any more. Phew!"

Kate B

What makes this coaching different?

Havening Techniques® is a proven process that helps you remove unhelpful feelings from the traumatic experience by using Havening Touch® to generate delta waves in your brain, that through a biochemical process within your brain cells reduces the negative feelings associated with the trauma encoded in your brain.

The method works by permanently stopping your brain cells (neurons) that hold the biological imprint of trauma from being able to trigger unhelpful responses.

The way Havening works is deceptively simple yet extremely powerful.

Havening uses the sensory input of touch as a key part of its effectiveness. The practitioner (or the clients themselves) makes particular sweeps over the client’s arms and areas of the face and hands. This is what triggers the delta waves in the brain. The delta waves in turn prompt helpful chemical chain-reactions in the amygdala, the emotional centre in your brain responsible for your 'Fight,' 'Flight,' 'Freeze' or 'Defensive Rage' response when you experience a trauma or unhelpful experience.

The delta waves remove specific AMPA Receptors from the surface of neurons in the amygdala where the trauma is ‘stored.'  For some particular uses of Havening there are also some distraction techniques used so that as the work is being done, the area of the brain storing the trauma is not constantly being re-activated.

Traumatic experiences can lead to the brain encoding the experience in ways that can lead to psychological and / or physical ‘symptoms.'  Havening can help to treat all of these symptoms.


Using Havening I have helped clients with:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - removing flashbacks that other therapies had been unable to remove
  • COVID-19 related issues, including helping first responders deal with the traumas they are experiencing
  • Childbirth trauma
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Medically diagnosed illnesses and disease
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Low self-confidence & low self-esteem, self-belief and shyness
  • Self-development, belief creation, confidence & empowerment 
  • Physical pain from a traumatic event
  • Chronic pain.

One client had been seeking to find the solution for over 20 years, having tried many different types of therapies. At the beginning of the session they rated their distress as a 7 out of 10, by the end it was a 0. They felt like a huge weight had been lifted and felt really empowered and free.

The beauty of Havening is that you do not have to tell me anything about your experience to benefit from the session - only what you feel comfortable with telling me if you feel it will help you.  You are in control of the session.

Examples of therapeutic areas where Havening has been put to good use, include:

  • Treating Phobias
  • Treating Chronic Pain
  • Removing the emotional responses to distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment, etc)
  • Treating emotional responses resulting from experiences of natural disaster, traumatic events (assault, rape, abuse, crime etc) and also experiences of war
  • Removing anger responses
  • Removing fear of abandonment
  • Helping people release grief
  • Helping people remove unhelpful feelings: stress, frustration, upset etc
  • Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Treating panic attacks

… and more!

Using a combination of Havening Techniques® and Brain Health Coaching I can help you permanently reduce your emotional charge with the traumatic experience.

I experienced the power of Havening myself in dealing with the emotional trauma from witnessing my dad's sudden death. By the end of the session I felt like a great weight had been lifted and can now reflect back on it and talk about it without going into a complete meltdown.


Its time for you to unchain yourself from any unhelpful emotions that are holding you back from showing up as your best self!

Further information and support

Scientific Research into Havening

Ronald A Ruden, co-founder of the approach with his brother Steven, published the first article in Explore describing Havening Techniques, detailing how to harness electroceuticals to treat disorders arising from traumatic stress.

The first UK research paper on Havening by Gursiman et al showed how a single session of Havening can prove efficacious in reducing self-reported symptoms of depression and anxiety in just one session.

Recent UK research published by Hodgson et al has shown how Havening can help people with Type D personality, reducing cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure in just one session. 

Current research is underway at Nottingham Trent University to determine the benefits of self-Havening during COVID-19.  Participate for free here.

Questions and Support

If you have any specific question about Havening, including package options for your, your family, or your organisation please email [email protected] or book your free 15 minute consultation to discuss further.

Dr Ruth Mary Allan is a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques®. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org


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