High Performance Coaching

Challenge yourself to reach your highest levels of performance and potential in life.

High Performance Coaching is a process created to help you level up and reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.  As a Certified Coach Ruth will work with you in this process to look at six different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Influence and Necessity.  By developing mastery in these areas you'll feel more purposeful, fulfilled, vibrant and energised.

As a coach Ruth will typically explore how you feel about your overall life goals, whether you feel you have enough mental, physical and emotional energy to performance at your best, how confident and bold you are in showing up in the world, what distractions and poor habits are causing you to go off course, what you can do to better influence, lead and inspire those that you serve and finally what your level of necessity is in tackling what is most important to you.  Through this coaching programme you'll discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world's most successful people.

One on One Coaching

As a Certified High Performance Coach my mission is to help individuals activate and harness their full potential so that they can achieve their goals and dreams.  I believe we all have a huge amount of untapped potential and the ability to generate more energy, happiness and fulfilment in our lives.

In your coaching sessions I will work one-on-one with you to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back so that you can reach your highest potential and performance in all that you do.  If you're ready to reach heightened levels of clarity, to learn how to focus on what is most important to you and to be challenged to grow in all aspects of your life, this program is for you.

Program Structure

Over the next 12 sessions you will engage with 12 topics to help you reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

Each session will last 1hr.  You will have the opportunity to have your sessions recorded, should you desire.  At the end of each session you will receive an action plan and summary of commitments made in the session, plus worksheets to help with your continued development and mastery.

Please see an overview of the coaching program by session.

Course Content

  • Session 1 - Focal Points.  Discovering your level of focus, agency and habit
  • Session 2 - Clarity.  Gaining immediate, behavioural-driven clarity and intentionality
  • Session 3 - Energy.  Gaining immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day
  • Session 4 - Courage.  Gaining confidence, decisiveness and momentum
  • Session 5 - Productivity.  Becoming immediately more effective and productive each day
  • Session 6 - Influence.  Gaining greater influence in all your relationships, whether at home, work or with family, friends and loved ones
  • Session 7 - Psychology Mastery.  Developing a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind
  • Session 8 - Physiology Mastery.  Revisiting your energy levels and assisting you in amplifying your energy up another level
  • Session 9 - Productivity Mastery.  Enhancing your productivity levels and cutting out the distractions
  • Session 10 - Persuasion Mastery.  Targeting areas where you can be more persuasive
  • Session 11 - Purpose Mastery.  Helping you live and lead with purpose
  • Session 12 - Commitment to High Performance.  Reviewing your progress and your commitment to change.



"I’ve spent the past 8 months being coached by Ruth and I can honestly say it has changed my life. Following a high performance model, Ruth has guided me through my development as an individual and as a professional. If asked, I would whole-heartedly recommend Ruth to anyone seeking to change and improve. Thank you Ruth for enriching my life."

Jane Caddick
Director, Head of Transport, Utilities, Infrastructure and Energy, P2 Consulting

"Ruth's calmness as she led me through the sessions is amazing. Her enthusiasm, happiness and joy are infectious. She enabled me to tap into that happiness and I consequently felt more empowered. Since starting the coaching journey I feel a greater sense of calmness in myself, and the techniques taught have enabled me to tackle life's challenges in a much better and consistent way."

Parent and Grandparent

"Ruth is an awesome professional! She has presence and clarity. She is very gifted and a very smart Coach!"

Carla Frohmuller Andrade
MD, PhD, Especialista em Geriatria Clinica et Preventica

Why High Performance Coaching

My Story

Find out why I chose high performance coaching and how it has transformed my life.

Brendon Burchard

Find out from Brendon Burchard, founder of the High Performance Institute, why high performance coaching is different to many other coaching programs.


Strategy Session

Complete the high performance strategy session questionnaire to understand how you can gain greater clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence and take your performance to the next level.