Plan for Success - online course

Have you ever had big dreams and grand plans and in less than a week or month you've forgotten all about them, or just got frustrated with yourself for not making any progress?

In no time, you're bouncing from one emergency to another, dealing with everyone else's problems or plans, yet never taking the time to focus on what is truly important to you?

Sound familiar?!

This used to be me.  It was pretty rubbish as I felt as if I spent more time helping others to plan for their success, than truly spending the time to help myself do the same

Yet this all changed when I focused on applying over 10 years project and program management experience I have to myself and dedicated the time to focus on what was really important to me

Restructuring the frameworks typically used for major projects and programs and simplifying them to help individuals and entrepreneurs, I've developed easy to apply tools and techniques that I know work

Life for me has taken a dramatic change for the better.

Using the tools and techniques in this course, I've achieved more in a year than I would ever have dreamt possible.  I'm able to stay focused on what is important to me.  I'm able to minimise distractions

My productivity has significantly improved.  I've also not got stressed out like I used to and my energy levels and whole persona has massively changed for the better

So I've packaged all those lessons learned, taken the tools and techniques that I know work and turned it into a course called "Plan for Success."  I think you are going to love it

This course is focused on helping you set yourself up for success this year and beyond so that you know what you need to focus on to achieve your goals and dreams

Built on over 10 years of project and programme management experience helping small businesses to large corporations recover and accelerate their performance in the year, this course will help you achieve the same

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs and individuals looking to achieve greater clarity on their strategy and plan for the year and provides the tools and techniques to help you set yourself up for success

The course is broken down into six modules:

  • Module 1 - Understanding and building your foundations for success
  • Module 2 - Determining your values, beliefs, strategy and goals
  • Module 3 - Identifying the key steps and check points on your journey
  • Module 4 - Learning that the devil is in the detail!
  • Module 5 - Setting up your success markers and tracking tools
  • Module 6 - Reflecting on your journey and next steps

Each module is released weekly. The modules are broken down into bite size lessons of 10-15 minutes in duration, with each module containing on average three lessons. Within the modules you will receive worksheets to develop your learning and support you in planning for success

Let's get you set up for success for your future!