Creating Human Centric Workplaces With Anne Bono

podcast Aug 16, 2022

by Dr Ruth Allan | 16 August 2022

Anne Bono joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 45th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 5th Episode in series 3

Anne is an accidental marketer, corporate executive, and multi potentialite with a smart mouth and a willingness to shout what most will only quietly think

She has spent much of the last two decades working in marketing for startups and large organisations and, based largely on her prior experiences in those spaces, is on a mission to get the business world to focus on the humanity of their teams and put people over profits

She partners with new, emerging leaders and seasoned execs, empowering them to build a human centric future of work for themselves and their teams, and speaks to audiences on how to embrace and embody lucid leadership, create a human centric workplace, and become an agent of authenticity

She is loud, proud, heavily caffeinated and tattooed, and usually not safe for work

In this Episode, Anne talks about what it means to be a human centric workplace, reflecting on her personal experiences

She talks about the baggage of emotions we bring to work, and how to reframe meeting requests to minimise the trauma triggers that some people may have

We dive into the psychological damage of performance reviews, the knock-on effect of not having human centric conversations in the workplace, as well as what people and organisations need to do to be more human centric

If you are a leader in the workplace and experiencing the great resignation in your organisation, or you're struggling as an employee to manage trauma triggers in the workplace, this is one episode you don't want to miss.

"Demand more and demand better for yourself and others"

"Kindness is about remembering that you are talking to a human."


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Discussed in this podcast:

  • 4.45 Optimal brain health is "to exist in a space where I feel comfortable to embrace whatever I am feeling and however my brain is feeling and I feel safe to do. Being highly aware of who I am as a person inside my own head"
  • 8.40 Your baggage of emotions that you bring to work
  • 10.00 Workplace trauma triggers - reframing the conversation to ‘Hi, got a minute?….’ to ‘Hi and why’
  • 13.19 Analysing the bananas at the bottom of your purse!…
  • 16.35 Anne’s workplace trauma experience - have a nice day!
  • 33.30 Psychological damage from performance reviews
  • 35.00 The knock-on effect of not having human-centric conversations in the workplace - the great awakening…
  • 39.00 The definition of workplace culture
  • 41.30 Uncovering the red flag in your workplace to get your cue to exit
  • 42.30 Fun FACTS - snakes, maps and motherhood!
  • 47.50 The renewable resource of kindness
  • 51.25 'Clear is Kind,' Brené Brown
  • 52.13 Sugar coated 'poopsicles' in the context of workplace culture…
  • 53.18 What people need to do more of in the workplace to be human centric
  • 55.00 Being equipped to provide a healthy workplace environment
  • 1.00.00 What has shifted for Anne in the workplace in her new role - and how this has amplified her voice
  • 1.04.00 One piece of advice if you are getting fearful of interacting with people in the workplace…

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