How to boost your immune system and fight an infection - Part 3: Building your Resilience

Mar 29, 2020

Worried about Coronavirus and looking for ways in which you or your family can boost your immune system to be able to fight the virus successfully?

We are at war for the wellbeing of our nation.

Looking after your wellbeing is vitally important, whether you are a frontline worker, first responder, key worker or at home. Whether you are young or old. 

If you don't look after your wellbeing, your immune system, which constitutes your ability to fight the infection, is compromised, regardless of whether you are a frontline worker, key worker, in one of the at risk groups or otherwise.

We can all play our part to help our nation get better faster and it starts with everyone of us focusing on optimising our wellbeing. 

This is part 3 of a five part series focusing on how you can boost your immune system and fight an infection. There are four phases that we can talk about with regards to dealing with an infection:

  • Phase 1 - Prevent
  • Phase 2 - Resist
  • Phase 3 - Treat
  • Phase 4 - Recover.

If you know anybody that is at risk, please share this. This series is intended to be educational. Please talk to your healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

There's five things that you can do to help you boost your immune system and fight an infection. These are conveniently remembered by the mnemonic VIRUS:

  • V - Vagus Nerve
  • I - Inflammation
  • R - Resilience
  • U - Understanding
  • S - Sleep.

R is for Resilience.

The resilience we have in our brain and whole body health is dependent on the brain reserve we were born with, along with any significant events during our lives that may have depleted it, whether that be childhood trauma, lifestyle, genetic pre-disposition, exposure to toxins, or any other event that causes our brain and whole body reserve to deplete.

When that reserve is gone we become symptomatic, i.e. we start showing symptoms that something is not right, whether that be symptoms of coronavirus, or other ill health.

So what can you do?

Key to fighting infection is to build up your resilience. To avoid depleting your brain and whole body reserve in the first place. To do this you need to focus your efforts on how you can look after your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. These are the four quadrants of my Wellbeing Warrior framework™️ that targets your brain and whole body health.

This simple, yet powerful framework and my supporting mnemonic F.A.C.T.S™️, focuses on the FACTS behind your wellbeing.  It works for all ages - adults and children alike.

F - Feeling: How do I feel today? Write your feelings down. It's ok to not feel ok.  Share your feelings with someone or say them out loud - seek to avoid storing them up inside for them to boil over later: release the pressure! Then ask yourself - how do I want to feel? Write three words down that describe the best of you and remind yourself of these each and every day to help you step into being your best self. Take care of your emotional wellbeing.

A - Actions: Are my actions, my behaviours, my habits helping or hurting me? What changes can I make to protect my physical wellbeing, including what I eat and drink, how much sleep I get, how much I exercise I do and what type of work I do? Look after your physical wellbeing.  Your habits directly impact your ability to resist and fight Coronavirus.

C - Connection: To my myself and others. Am I living each day purposefully? Am I living by my core values? Am I connecting with those that are most important to me and will help me grow? Be mindful of your spiritual wellbeing.  Live purposefully every day.

T - Thoughts: Am I believing every stupid thought my brain has? What self-talk am I listening to? Is the thought true, is it absolutely true, how do I feel with that thought, how would I feel without that thought, what would happen if I turned that thought around? Is it more true? Manage your mental wellbeing to ensure you are not self-sabotaging your immune system.

S - Surroundings and Senses: How can I optimise my surroundings to help me grow and step into the person I want to become? How can I connect with my five senses positively each day to ground myself and show up as my best self? Optimise your surroundings at home, at work and in the community so that your surroundings, where possible, support all four quadrants of you being a Wellbeing Warrior.

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