How to deal with overwhelm

Jan 21, 2020

Have you ever been in a place where the volume of your to do list is just too great, and you feel unable to deal with it, overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your list?

This is a common problem and something that some of my clients struggle with.  So what five things can you do to help minimise that feeling of overwhelm and help you take back control of your mindset again?

1. Write it down!

Write down why you are feeling overwhelmed - what is causing it.  It's so easy to let the negative thoughts in our head about what we've got to do, take control of our mindset and our emotions.  Science has shown that the mere process of writing it down - getting it out of our heads and onto paper, helps ease stress levels and take back control.  It helps you see it from a third party perspective.  It helps you get some perspective.  So write it down.

2.  Assess what energy fundamentals are helping you manage your mindset 

Have you eaten recently?  Are you drinking the right liquids.  Have you had enough sleep?  What habits have you established that are helping you minimise overwhelm or are contributing to it?  What needs to change?

3. Identify your top three priority activities

What is it that is most important for you to accomplish in your deal that aligns with your goals and dreams?  Identify these, block out the time in your diary so you can truly focus on accomplishing these

4. Win your morning

What would it take for you to win the morning?  Block the time necessary to accomplish what is most important to you.

5. Determine what would need to happen to make your day easy

What do you need to do to make your day easier?  What distractions are getting in your way that aren't necessary - that you can drop, or task to someone else?  Who can you reach out to for help?

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