Brain Health Coaching

Giving you the tools and techniques to help you optimise your brain health and boost your energy and performance.

Brain Health Coaching is a process created to help you identify your unique brain type and learn how to optimise your brain health and better manage your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The programme is designed to challenge you to dive deep into what makes you tick, to help you recognise and be able to manage your emotions, take control of your physical health and mental wellbeing and help you gain clarity in your purpose, values and beliefs so that you are truly connected with the best of who you are and are able to show up as your best self.


As a Certified Brain Health Coach through the Amen Clinics and Institute for Better Health, Ruth will work with you in this program to look at the FACTS™️ behind your brain health and wellbeing and help you attain mastery in your biological, psychological, social and spiritual health.

By developing a deeper understanding of what makes you tick and exploring your inner strengths, you'll learn how to take back control of your wellbeing, increase your self-belief, overcome life's struggles, increase your level of clarity and feel a greater connection to yourself and others.

Through mastering your biological, psychological, social and spiritual health you'll feel more energised, focused and in control of you.

One on One Coaching

As a Certified Brain Health Coach my mission is to help individuals activate and harness their full potential so that they can achieve their goals and dreams.  I believe we all have a huge amount of untapped potential and the ability to generate more energy, happiness and fulfilment in our lives.

In your coaching sessions I will work one-on-one with you to help you discover what you can do to optimise your brain health to help you generate more energy, happiness and fulfilment?  Are you ready to learn about your unique brain?  To understand how you can optimise it so that you can show up as the best of who you are?  To uncover why you behave the way you do?  To increase your clarity of thought and align more consistently with your purpose, values and beliefs so that you can live with more passion and purpose?  If so, then this program is for you.

Program Structure

Over the next twelve sessions you will engage with ten topics to help you optimise your brain health.  Each session will last 1hr.  You will have the opportunity to have your sessions recorded, should you desire.  At the end of each session you will receive an action plan and summary of commitments made in the session, plus worksheets to help with your continued development and mastery.

Please see an overview of the coaching program by session.

Course Content

  • Session 1 - Brain Health Assessment and Focal Points.  Complete a Brain Health Assessment and discover your brain type, learn how to develop brain envy and uncover what can help you optimise your brain health.
  • Session 2 - Feelings.  Discover how you feel the way you do and what is driving your emotions.  Improve your self awareness to help boost your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Session 3 - Thoughts.  Understand why you think the way you do.  Learn how to manage and take back control of your thoughts that may be driving your emotional mindset.
  • Session 4: Connecting to you.  Assess how well you are connected to your core values and beliefs.  Identify what your goals are in life, how aligned they are to your core values and what behaviours are moving you towards or away from your goals.
  • Session 5: Connecting with others.  Optimise the time spent with your social network to those that support your growth.  Create better relationships and deeper connections with the people that matter the most to you.
  • Session 6: Actions.  Discover what habits are helping and what habits are hindering you in achieving your goals and develop a plan to focus on building brain healthy habits.
  • Session 7: Surroundings.  Focus on the aspects of your surroundings that CREATE™️ the right space for you to flourish and grow.
  • Session 8: Biological Mastery.  Optimise your biological facets and determine the steps required to reduce your biological risk factors.
  • Session 9: Psychological Mastery.  Reflect on your progress made in managing your thoughts and feelings and discover the steps required to manage any recurring thoughts.
  • Session 10: Social Mastery.  Optimise your social facets and determine the habits and actions necessary to improve your connection to the people that matter to you the most.
  • Session 11: Spiritual Mastery.  Gain greater connection to your purpose and passion, ensuring alignment with your values and beliefs so that you can be confident in who you are and what impact you are making.
  • Session 12: Commitment to Brain Health.  Assess your progress and identify your greatest areas of growth and brain health mastery to continue your commitment to optimise your brain health and boost your energy and performance.
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