Lost and Found with Alejandro Bratti

podcast Aug 08, 2022

by Dr Ruth Allan | 08 August 2022

Alejandro Bratti joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 44th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 4th Episode in series 3

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs hire Alejandro to ignite a big vision for big impact because most have gaps in their systems, strategies and profits to grow and scale. He helps them capitalise, maximise, and magnetise their business to generate predictable results, success, and income

Alejandro is the go-to specialist in optimising processes, first in your mind and then in your business. The mind is key to more leads, improving conversion rates and increasing revenues and profits

In this Episode, Alejandro talks about how your mindset is key to optimising your brain health. He describes his traumatic experience as a child aged seven when he was accidentally left by his parents at a service station and the impact this had on him later in life

We discuss the impact of abandonment, disconnecting yourself from your emotions, unhelpful thoughts the penetrate your mindset and the importance of reconnecting with your emotions to allow them to dissipate

Alejandro shares some deep insights as we explore the five pillars of brain health through the fun FACTS and why the lion is such an important symbol for him in the context of his life’s journey

If you or someone you love have experienced separation or abandonment, this is one episode you don’t want to miss…

‘Everything starts with your mindset.’

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In this episode we discuss

  • 7.29 How mindset is the software and our brain is the hardware
  • 8.53 Alejandro’s childhood experience aged 7 travelling to Atlanta after a fight with his parents resulting in unexpected separation and several layers of trauma
  • 18.30 The impact following his childhood separation later in life
  • 20.00 How Alejandro lost his ability to cry
  • 21.30 Why Alejandro rejected affection
  • 22.20 Dr Ruth's abandonment experience when she was a teen
  • 23.40 How Alejandro disconnected key emotions to survive - and the impact this had on his relationships
  • 28.10 How he was able to unravel his childhood experiences only a few months ago to shift his mindset
  • 29.45 Riding the wave of emotion
  • 33.30 Fun FACTS - starting with the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened
  • 38.35 It’s not about winning or being perfect in life, it’s about participating…
  • 41.15 Ensuring you don’t fail yourself - and how to reduce the timeframe to heal
  • 45.35 Alejandro’s role model in his life
  • 47.00 The thought that Alejandro has often told himself, that isn’t true…
  • 51.00 The most beautiful place Alejandro has ever visited… becoming the explorer that he wasn’t in his childhood
  • 53.00 Finding the lion inside of you
  • 55.25 One piece of advice if you’re struggling with feeling trapped as a child following a past childhood experience

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