Positive Nutrition with Kate Cook

podcast Sep 26, 2022
Positive Nutrition with Kate Cook

by Dr Ruth Allan | 26 September 2022

Kate Cook joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 48th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 8th Episode in series 3

Kate uses her significant knowledge and 20 years' experience of diet and nutrition to help people be the best they can be. Kate offers an unbeatable combination of science-backed expertise matched with research and analysis to develop easy packages to inspire your staff, along with brilliantly engaging delivery

Kate has been a nutritionist for 20 years, working with individuals and corporations to create happier and healthier workforces that boost performance. She is a top UK wellness and nutrition expert

In this Episode, Kate talks about the importance of positive nutrition, which arose as a result of her seeking to achieve optimal brain function as a professional nutritionist. She discusses the problem of how ordinary stress is medicalised into mental illness, and the ripple effect that can have on people and organisations

Kate and Ruth spend time talking about the importance of discussing emotional health and not using 'mental health' as a catch all to discuss and label the person with all matters associated with different crises at work, as well as how the language used can impact people's lives

Kate dives into the importance of viewing nutrition in the context of the community within our body, the soil and the earth and how our connection to the community inside, outside and on the planet is so important

Kate also talks about the problems with demonising food elements and provides her top tips for achieving optimal health through the lens of nutrition

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 3.30 - Optimal brain health for Kate

  • 15.30 - The language of mental health and creating a paradigm shift in the discussion: 'Is everything ok?'
  • 17.10 - Kate's journey from being an interior designer to becoming a nutritional expert via skin health to achieving optimal health
  • 25.00 - The importance of 'not playing god' in the context of nutrition
  • 27.00 - Feeding the community within our body: the connection with our gut, the soil and the planet
  • 32.00 - How pervasive toxicity can get into our internal environment
  • 37.30 - The risk of demonising food components rather than looking at the benefits of the whole food
  • 40.45 - Kate's top tips for optimising your health through the lens of nutrition

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