Redefining Blind Ambition with Aaron Golub

podcast Oct 24, 2022
Aaron Golub

by Dr Ruth Allan | 24 October 2022

Aaron Golub joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 52nd Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 12th Episode in series 3

Aaron became the first legally blind athlete to play American football in a Division 1 game when he was at Tulane University. He was a captain in his senior year and went on to also become an NFL free agent

Aaron has never let his limited vision get in the way of his success. His grit, determination and effort enabled him to earn a spot on the Tulane team, and the respect of his teammates, coaches and fans. Aaron began playing football in seventh grade and worked extremely hard to get where he is today

His goal is to show others that it doesn't matter what they are fighting or what their perceived limitations are; anything is achievable with hard work and tuning out the judgment of others. His planning, passion and perseverance enables him to be successful. Aaron has paved the way for others with disabilities, and shown that the impossible is possible

In this episode Aaron talks about how he has overcome typical stigmas and behaviours that can get in the way of you achieving optimal performance. He discusses the importance of making yourself a differentiator and to transform yourself into someone who is worth being mentored

I loved this episode as Aaron shows the art of what's possible, how it's important to accept who you are, and that the only barrier to achieving success is you

"Don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from"

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 02.50 - Optimal brain health for Aaron Golub
  • 09.20 - What can I do better every single day?
  • 11.20 - Choosing who's opinion you listen to
  • 13.50 - The blessing of being born legally blind
  • 16.10 - The difference between internal and external motivators
  • 22.00 - Key steps to become the best: trust the process and don't ever quit
  • 23.44 - The hardest thing Aaron has had to overcome to get to where he is now
  • 25.20 - The real influencers in Aaron's life: transforming yourself into someone who is 'worth' being mentored
  • 32.25 - The most rewarding thing Aaron has ever done
  • 33.10 - The most important value that guides Aaron in life
  • 35.20 - Aaron's focus as an entrepreneur
  • 36.05 - The biggest aspect of overcoming adversity - gratitude
  • 40.40 - How to rebuff criticism: don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from

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