The Final Frontier - exploring inner space to find inner peace with Calvin Correli | E81

podcast Sep 18, 2023
The Final Frontier - exploring inner space to find inner peace with Calvin Correli

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 18 Sep 23

Calvin Correli is a speaker, author, investor, spiritual teacher, and founder of Simplero, an all-in-one platform that helps coaches and course creators simplify their lives

A coder since the age of five, Calvin thinks in systems and constant optimisation of every aspect of business and life. In this episode Calvin discusses his journey from being a successful entrepreneur in the world of coding to uncovering his true purpose and passion in life, integrating spirituality with entrepreneurship

He talks about his insights on Richard Branson's Necker Island when meeting successful entrepreneurs, the dependency culture and his inner battles he had to overcome to break free from his fears that were holding him back from stepping into his true self

He discusses the important shift he made to cultivate a willingness to love himself and Calvin gets some live coaching with Dr Ruth Allan, uncovering another 'aha' moment. He shares his story that inspired him to change his name and talks about how he broke through the ceiling to step into the person he is today, offering advice to anyone that is struggling with imposter syndrome

I loved this episode as there were so many dimensions we could explore in the context of inner space - how there is so much we can learn when we take the time personally to go on that journey to the final frontier of our mind.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 2.05 - What got Calvin into code
  • 3.30 - What Calvin is passionate about in life right now: the spiritual journey and inner shifts
  • 5.50 - Inner space
  • 6.39 - What optimal brain health means for Calvin: your belief system and what we put in, on and surround ourselves with
  • 8.29 - Connecting the spiritual element with what you put in, on and around your body: understanding your food and mood connections
  • 9.37 - When Calvin was using food as an avoidance tool: starting with alcohol
  • 11.47 - The problem with getting busy with what you have to do rather than doing with what you want to do: Calvin's fear of exploring his purpose - integrating spirituality and entrepreneurship. Fear of finding purpose and meaning - what if I'm broken/forgotten?
  • 13.37 - Calvin's birth: a near death experience from being strangled by his umbellical cord
  • 16.15 - Calvin's three fears: discovering there is nothing there, finding his purpose, find it and there's something he doesn't like about it
  • 18.40 - What Calvin did to work through his fears
  • 22.20 - Learning to love himself: cultivating a willingness to love himself to allow it shine through
  • 24.59 - The shifts that Calvin noticed when he allowed love to shine through: focusing on his feminine and masculine construct and increasing his level of exercise
  • 30.45 - Calvin's Necker island experience: the dependency culture and how he dealt with it
  • 33.30 - Fake fast foods: how out of tune our bodies become and how we can treat our bodies like garbage, despite our bodies working 24/7
  • 36.22 - How Calvin created struggles for himself that held him back from getting to where he wanted to go: feeling 'wrong/broken/flawed' - Calvin's fear of success and how it manifested
  • 39.24 - Calvin gets some coaching from Ruth: the connectivity to his fear of being alone from birth
  • 40.40 - How Calvin broke through the ceiling
  • 42.45 - Tony Robbins's neuro-associated conditioning that led to Calvin's sauna routine of journalling
  • 44.52 - Calvin's story on why he changed his name: 30th President of the United States
  • 50.00 - The entrepreneurial spirit of creating something out of nothing
  • 55.05 - Calvin's advice for entrepreneurs when people feel they are an imposter in the world of successful entrepreneurs: 'What am I currently doing actively to create this?'

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