The importance of nitric oxide in cardiovascular and cognitive health | E82

podcast Sep 25, 2023
The importance of Nitric Oxide in cognitive health with Dr Nathan S Bryan

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 25 Sep 23

Dr Nathan S Bryan is an international expert in nitric biochemistry and molecular medicine.  His more than 20 years in academic research led to many seminal discoveries, and has resulted in dozens of issued U.S. and International patents

Products from his innovations are the most successful nitric oxide products in the market and responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue around the globe and have improved patient care for more than a decade

In this episode Dr Bryan talks about why nitric oxide is so important for our cardiovascular and cognitive health, and the role it plays, with our brain being one of the main organs impacted by nitric oxide production. He talks about how nitric oxide is created and what insults we are imposing on our body to reduce our natural ability to generate it

Dr Bryan discusses the effect of nitric oxide on COVID, and why it's so important to prevent infection and reduce the ability of the spike protein to attack your cells. He also discusses what improvements have been observed when restoring nitric oxide production, from improvements in blood pressure, exercise performance, sexual function, brain health and cognition as well as regression of cardiovascular disease and reversing heart disease

I loved this episode as nitric oxide is such a fundamentally important redox signalling molecule that requires much greater attention to empower people to enhance and optimise their nitric oxide production for long term cognitive and cardiovascular health

Plus - and what is really important for me, is this is something we can teach at kindergarten and in schools. Educating children on why nitric oxide generation in our body is so important and what simple steps they can take to improve the generation of nitric oxide and eradicate the insults that are depleting our bodies of this vital cellular messenger.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 1.40 - What Dr Bryan is passionate about in life right now
  • 3.12 - Where Dr Bryan's science journey started: from research in biochemistry and falling in love with the concept of intellectual freedom, to being introduced to nitric oxide
  • 5.13 - What nitric oxide is any why it's so important: with its main function to tell muscles to relax and dilate, enable oxygen delivery in red blood cells, preventing inflammation and oxidative stress and preventing immune system dysfunction, opening up blood supply and enhancing cellular communication, with the loss of nitric oxide being fundamental to many diseases
  • 9.18 - How we make nitric oxide 1) via an enzyme in our endothelium, to prevent the hardening of arteries and keeping our blood vessels soft. Need to restore function of the enzyme in the endothelium and epithelium, 2) through diet, with foods enriched with nitrates
  • 13.07 - Oral health and how the pathway works: 90 minutes after consuming green leafy vegetables you get a burst of nitric oxide in the stomach (providing we have stomach acid). If you eradicate bacteria from the mouth, you can't convert nitrate to nitrate. You need to have stomach acid. If you shut down stomach acid production with antacids, you can't break down nitrates. Simple steps to take: 1) Eat green leafy vegetables, 2) stop using mouthwash 3) stop using antacids.
  • 17.45 - Advice on what do if you have sceptics that disagree in the stopping of mouthwash and fluoride in toothpaste, a known neurotoxin, which also destroys your thyroid function. Note - fluoride is a poison - get fluoride free toothpaste and filter your water system
  • 23.50 - What optimal brain health means for Dr Bryan: to be able to communicate, to build relationships, to express love, to serve others and direct our own thoughts. To be able to function, process the insults that happen on a daily basis, integrate them and not let them bother us: to not worry about things that we can't control
  • 26.05 - The importance of nitric oxide in our brain, the symptoms we experience when we are deficient and how that impacts us. The brain is one of the main organs affected by nitric oxide. 1) Nitric oxide controls the regulation of blood flow in our brain, 2) Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter (a retro-grade messenger), controlling glutamate and other neurotransmitters. Low levels of nitric oxide can be responsible for conditions such as vascular dementia and psychotic disorders.
  • 29.45 - Developing safe and effective nitric oxide technology for those that can't generate nitric oxide effectively: how Dr Bryan and his team developed this oral and topical products, focusing on restorative physiology
  • 33.35 - Improvements noticed in vascular health restoring nitric oxide: improvement in blood pressure, improvement in exercise performance, improvements in mitochondrial function and sexual function, improvement in brain health and cognition, regression of cardiovascular disease, reversing heart disease
  • 35.30 - Long COVID and the effect of nitric oxide: down-regulating the ACE receptor so there is less for the spike protein to bind to
  • 38.25 - Issues with the mRNA vaccine: didn't prevent transmission or stop people from getting sick
  • 40.00 - What's next with regards to nitric oxide and supporting people enhance and optimise their health
  • 42.30 - Alzheimer drug development: addressing the root cause of disease
  • 44.00 - The next 30 years of medicine: redox signalling biochemistry and focusing on cellular communication. Analogy - ordering products on Amazon with no delivery mechanism
  • 46.50 - Elevating our own baseline health level to restore nitric oxide: 1) stop doing the things that disrupt it: a) stop using mouthwash, b) remove fluoride from your toothpaste and water supply, c) stop taking antacids; 2) start doing the things that promote it: a) eat green and leafy vegetables, b) Ensure you have 20-30mins sunlight exposure each day, c) moderate physical exercise
  • 52.45 - Dr Nathan's advice for anyone concerned about having nitric oxide deficiency
  • 53.39 - Visit and enter the coupon code DRRUTH to get 10% discount and free shipping within the USA.

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