The Psychological Impact of Trauma with Dr Susanna Petche | E74

podcast Apr 18, 2023
The Psychological Impact of Trauma with Dr Susanna Petche

by Dr Ruth Allan | LIVE Tue 18 Apr 23, released 24 Apr 23

Dr Susanna Petche is a functional medicine GP, speaker and trainer specialising in psychological trauma and its impact. She combines both personal and academic understanding of psychological trauma, to train life coaches and healthcare professionals via her Trauma-Sense programme to become trauma-informed

Susanna is part of an innovative NHS-funded holistic programme for those with diagnoses of Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and/or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). Susanna also works 1:1 with clients, exploring how stress and trauma impact physical and mental health

In this live episode we talk about the psychological impact of trauma, combining our academic and personal experiences to support others in understanding trauma

We talk about the typical root causes of trauma, how these can be expressed and can manifest later in life. We discuss what to look out for in yourself and others to become more trauma informed, and the wide variety of options available to support you or your loved ones in unchaining your pain from past trauma or unhelpful experiences

I loved this episode as we combine our knowledge and experience to share how you can address the psychological impact of trauma

For more information about trauma, please refer to the links below

Episode released on 24 Apr 23

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 02.30 - The issue with labelling people with the term 'disorder' and what psychological trauma is: a survival response
  • 09.11 - What optimal brain health is for Dr Susanna Petche: doing things day to day
  • 10.43 - The connection between psychological and physical pain: a personal story on breaking the two pain elements
  • 12.33 - How our brains collapse different events and amplify them
  • 13.30 - Dr Susanna's story that led her to wanting people to become more trauma informed
  • 20.10 - Talking therapies and the impact of them: alternative therapies to address the somatic and emotional encoding of trauma
  • 25.50 - Self-healing techniques to reduce your trauma
  • 17.45 - The power of emotions and teaching our kids
  • 30.00 - Dr Susanna's trauma as a child: sexual trauma and the trauma experienced as part of being a medical practitioner - opening the wound of decades of trauma
  • 36.55 - The financial burden of being unwell: simple steps to support people on their healing journey
  • 41.05 - The challenge of finding the right therapist: keep looking!
  • 41.50 - The failure to acknowledge and provide the training to support the trauma experienced in the medical profession
  • 46.00 - The stigma associated with mental health and trauma, and importance of changing the labelling and perception
  • 49.30 - The mental health bucket and pathway to nowhere: healing your broken leg
  • 50.50 - The statistics associated with childhood trauma: recognising and understanding it and changing your language to have a profound, positive impact on someone
  • 52.13 - The trauma list in our lives: being trauma informed about yourself
  • 53.10 - The statistics on trauma and follow on consequences: e.g. 78% of females who disclose sexual assault are not believed
  • 56.00 - The encoding of trauma in your mind as a victim or perpetrator
  • 57.40 - The encoding of traumatic memory and how it is different to normal memory
  • 1.01.42 - Dr Susanna's advice for anyone struggling with trauma: there is nothing wrong with you, these are normal responses to an abnormal event. There is a way out.

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