Optimise your brain power and performance to live a healthier, happier life

Generate more energy doing what you love by unchaining your pain, unlocking the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleashing your full potential NOW


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Unchain your pain

Unchain your pain from past traumas or unhelpful experiences that are holding you back so you can rediscover your best self again

Unlock the secrets

Unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance through powerful tools, products and techniques underpinned by science

Unleash the best of you!

Unleash your full potential to generate more energy doing what you love by understanding and optimising your unique brain 

Supporting you in optimising your unique brain

Industry leaders, family leaders and entrepreneurs hire Dr Ruth to generate more energy doing what they love by boosting their brain power and performance because most are chained to their past pain, don’t use the right tools, products and techniques and have never measured and optimised their unique brain

Offering an integrated mind-body approach to discover your best self, Dr Ruth is revolutionising the way struggles with your brain and whole body health are approached and addressed

Her mission is to help you uncover what is holding you back from stepping into your best self and equip you with the knowledge, insight, tools, techniques and products you need to get there

Using coaching, combined with scientifically proven approaches, in partnership with industry-leaders in brain and whole body health, you will get access to exclusive support you can't get anywhere else

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Podcast: Brain Health - Unchaining Your Pain

Dr Ruth's podcast 'Brain Health - Unchaining Your Pain' is about removing the stigma behind difficult conversations related to brain power and performance

It covers everything from major trauma, war, abuse, rape, addictions, depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, head trauma, ADHD, autism and so much more

Dr Ruth interviews industry leaders who talk about what brain health means to them and share their story of how they have unchained their pain or that of others to step into the person they are today

Subscribe to the podcast and submit suggestions of topics you'd LOVE for us to talk about or individuals you'd LOVE for us to interview


Reduce day to day stress, anxiety and overwhelm

Are you or your child struggling with day-day stress, anxiety and overwhelm and feel it's time to take back control?

It's vital to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. Yet we frequently forget that as industry leaders, entrepreneurs or parents, putting all our energy helping others, and none into helping ourselves

Learn how you and those you care about can reduce day-day stress and anxiety and overwhelm

Discover simple, yet powerful tools that you and your children can apply FOR LIFE to manage your emotions and calm your mind


Trauma Coaching to Unchain Your Pain

Learn how to unchain your pain from past trauma or unhelpful experiences using our Emotional Mindset Management Approach. Equip yourself with powerful tools you can apply daily to help you let go of what is holding you back from being the person you want to be

Coaching sessions available as 1-1 coaching, or in a group setting running weekly


Private Coaching

Are you struggling with day-day stress, anxiety and overwhelm and feel it's time to take back control?

Perhaps you're battling with brain fog, memory and focus and worried about what this means for your future brain function?

Have you been let down by the health system and traditional approaches to resolve a health struggle you or someone you love has?

Or do you want to understand how you can optimise and get the best out of your unique brain to improve your performance at work and in life?

Apply for a free strategy session to learn how Dr Ruth can support you in generating more energy and time doing what you love by optimising your unique brain


Brain Health Evaluation

Are you or someone you care about struggling with your cognitive function? Are you experiencing memory struggles, migraines, fogginess, attention problems, mental health challenges or cognitive changes as a result of a past or recent head trauma or hormonal changes?

Do you feel as if the current medical approaches offered have not addressed your brain health struggles and are seeking a more comprehensive approach to uncover the root cause and provide an appropriate recovery plan?

Help is at hand...

Through our detailed brain health evaluations, with reach back to specialists that actually image the organ that they treat - the brain, we are here to support you on your journey to recovery

Learn how your unique brain functions and equip yourself with a recovery action plan relevant to your unique brain to optimise your brain and reduce your risk factors for cognitive decline


Ready to take action to transform your life?

If you're ready to unchain yourself from your past pain, to unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance, and to unleash your full potential by optimising your unique brain, then apply below to join one of our programs



A life defining investment

I found the coaching to be one of those life defining investments in me

Having jumped in with both feet, I truly can say that the coaching has made me happier, more relaxed, more focussed and certainly 8 to 10 times more effective...

It really has and it could for you as well, so stop hesitating and jump on in too.

Jeremy Davis, General Manager, Downstream Process Integration, Shell

Program: 1-1 High Performance Coaching

Real, actionable tools

I learned a lot from working with Ruth. I identified real actionable tools that I could use

Ruth also meets you where you are at. I believe she understands that this is a journey and that we may all be at different stages

Ruth did not judge or berate, but provided tools, a realistic sounding board and recommendations that are based on evidence based methods.

Catherine Ciesla, Associate Professor, College of San Mateo, California

Program: 1-1 Brain Power and Performance Accelerator

Massive reduction in pain

Ruth and her brain health coaching was recommended to me and I can honestly say it has changed my life

She has helped me understand certain behaviours I put down to my own unique character is actually how my brain processes the world around me

I also was experiencing a great deal of pain due to a medical condition that my GP and other medical specialists disregarded

With changes to my diet I made a massive impact on reducing my pain levels and also help with hormone balance and general mental health.

Veronica Clarke, Business Owner

Program: Detailed Brain Health Evaluation and follow-on coaching

Wonderful healing journey

I've had the most wonderful healing and discovering journey about myself. It wasn't easy, but Ruth was there for me

I loved her professionalism, knowledge, humanity and method of coaching

My top three positive changes that occurred were learning to check in on how I feel, killing the automatic negative thoughts and learning my core values

I am so grateful our paths have met. Thank you so much Ruth

Céline LR

Program: 1-1 Brain Power and Performance Accelerator

Instant and lasting impact

Ruth explained everything brilliantly, put me at ease and encouraged me throughout the process. I felt the benefit instantly

My mood was lifted and I was able to practice the technique myself after the session. I loved how it left me feeling and found using this technique it is possible to achieve a change in mood and outlook in a really short space of time

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to give it a go. It is totally painless and didn't involve any delving into past traumatic memories. It really does have an instant and lasting impact.

Zoe T

Program: 1-1 trauma recovery coaching

Very powerful

The coaching had an immediate, lasting result. I loved that I didn't have to talk about the traumatic event

Reshaping the memory towards the end was very powerful

Go right ahead! If you are afraid of thinking about the memory or thing, don't be

Each time after I revisited the memory, it didn't have the negative charge any more. Phew!

Kate B

Program: 1-1 trauma recovery coaching

When she speaks angels stop flapping their wings

"When she speaks angels stop flapping their wings. When you listen to her your life will never be the same again

If you are ready to get out of your head and get into your greatness, you need a trained eye, an accomplished person that will empower you to transform and to get unstuck and to live from your greatness

Then I encourage you to take her course and bring out your greatness."

Les Brown, Guest Speaker "Share the Change" talks

She lit up the room

"As a guest at the 'Share the Change' talks with Les Brown, I saw a number of rising stars in the speaking field. One that I thoroughly enjoyed, was Ruth Mary Allan

She lit up the room with her message of optimism, hope and action

Ruth not only knows that - she practices it, by sharing her powerful message with others."

George Chanos, Guest Speaker "Share the Change" talks

Powerful and thought-provoking

"The interactive workshop was powerful and thought provoking

I really appreciated the openness of Dr Ruth's own struggles and her practical advice

The exercises in the workshop have already made a positive difference in my life."

Paul S, UK Government

Corporate Webinar: The 5 Pillars of Brain Health

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