Factors contributing to long Covid and how to reverse and recover from it | E84

podcast Oct 09, 2023
Factors contributing to long COVID and how to reverse it with Dr Leo Galland MD

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 09 Oct 23

Dr Leo Galland, MD rejoins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 084 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain' and fourth episode in series 5. Dr Galland has spent the past 40 years treating patients with complex, chronic illness

He has developed innovative approaches to evaluation and treatment, that helped to create the foundation for functional medicine. His latest focus has been on the reversal of long covid

In this episode we talk about how to prevent long covid and reverse any complications that may arise should you experience long covid - and ultimately how to recover from it

Dr Galland discusses what happens when we get long covid, how the virus enters the body, the cells and organs that it attacks and how, and the subsequent symptoms that arise - focusing on the key factors in the web of long covid

Dr Galland talks about the impact long covid has on the blood vessels and blood flow, resulting in disturbances in blood flow, even in young people. He explains the impact it has on mast cell activation, triggering an inflammatory immune system response

He then goes into detail as to what you can do about it personally if you are experiencing any of these symptoms associated with long covid, including those experienced by children

I found this episode absolutely fascinating as there is so much we can personally do to reverse and recover from long covid. I personally found Dr Galland's information he shares on covid and long covid invaluable in my own personal journey of recovery, having had covid twice (that I am aware of)

In Dr Galland's view, the biggest problem with Covid and long Covid is the lack of communication around what is going on in your body and what action you can take to help your recovery. I hope that this episode goes some way to enhance the communication necessary to the general public to aid your recovery or that of those you care about to restore health, wealth and vitality.

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Listen to Episode 084 from Mon 09 Oct 23

Disclaimer: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute, or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 3.20 - How the virus enters our body - through the respiratory tract, impacting the blood vessels and blood flow, impacting all organs, creating changes in blood vessels and clotting system in body, producing disturbances in blood flow, including children
  • 4.04 - Long covid: never really getting well. In 3 months 16% of children still had one symptom of Covid
  • 5.13 - What happens after getting covid 19 - increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, gastrointestinal and cognitive problems after 15 months
  • 6.30 - Doubling of risk of people with autoimmune disorders if you have covid
  • 7.55: Biggest problem with Covid and long Covid - lack of communication around what is going on to the general public. There are actions that can be taken and things you can do yourself
  • 9.16: How Dr Leo Galland's approach reduces the risk of his patients that have covid developing long Covid
  • 10.10: Where the assault starts with Covid - main gateway is ACE2 (also the gateway for SARS virus), which functions to reverse the effect of inflammation. When you lose ACE2 with covid you have difficulty controlling inflammation, blood clotting and scarring. First step - restore ACE2: through diet and lifestyle, and nutritional supplements, such as Vitamin D, curcumin, resveratrol, noting curcumin decreases inflammatory response of taking the vaccine
  • 13.24: Second step - restoring mitochondrial function. When immune system goes into attack mode it moves away from mitochondrial function. Covid impairs mitochondrial function, depleting your internal cell battery. This is not a virus you should try to exercise through! 'Don't run your battery flat when it's already flat'. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation, Vitamin B3 niacin, B1 and B2, NAC
  • 17.19: The web of long Covid
    1. Damaging of the lining to the blood vessels (universal). This may be induced by the vaccines. It creates inflammation, and impairment of blood flow, and it persists for 8 months or longer, which may be associated with brain fog or in the lungs with shortness of breath. The cause is a loss of the tiny blood vessels, which need to be rebuilt. Two markers have been identified that the body is trying to build new blood vessels as a sign of having long Covid. Arginine supplementation can help fatigue at 3200 mg per day to improve blood flow - consult with a practitioner before taking
    2. Blood clots. Omega-3 and aspirin are helpful in preventing and reversing blood clots
    3. Mast cell activation. Mast cells are the primitive cells in your immune system in your tissues, releasing about 200 different chemicals when activated, including histamine, which increases the ability of the virus to enter cells, as well as aggravating blood clotting. Anti-histamines can be helpful to calm down the mast cells. These are strongly associated with the neurological complications inc POTs (orthostatic intolerance). Manage with fluid and salt to expand blood clotting, special support tights, vitamin B1, gluten-free diet, vitamin D, melatonin, supine exercises with stretch bands
  •  28.00 - Relationship of Covid in the gut. ACE2 is expressed on the lining of the small intestine. The affect in the gut is that ACE2 is involved in the transport and absorption of amino acids, especially tryptophan, which is the precursor of serotonin, affecting mood. Malabsorption of tryptophan may impair immunity in the gut, changing the microbiome, with alterations universal. Covid-19 can alter and destroy the structure of your gut microbiome, in particular keystone species. It has been noted for people that develop long Covid butyrate in your gut isn't restored. Focus - reverse leaky gut
  • 32.47 - The most feared complications of covid in children - mis-c (multi-system inflammatory syndrome), associated with evidence of leaky gut. Focus - treat leaky gut, particularly avoid gluten. Replenish bifidobacteria. Minimise phalates and consumption of microplastics
  • 35.25 - Recommended steps for those with lung problems following long-Covid (likely due to loss of blood vessels, blood flow and blood clotting): pycnogenol, vinpocetine, aspirin, omega-3, soludexide shown to relive chest discomfort
  • 37.18 - Cognitive issues (due to problems with blood flow): use curcumin, resveratrol, butyrate, omega-3, alphalipoic acid to help the omega-3 work better in the brain. Focus on dealing with mast cell activation
  • 38.25 - Gut dysbiosis: high fibre, polyphenol diet, high in fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, herbs. Quercetine bioflavanoid, probiotics, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
    (sauerkraut, kimchi) to help immune system recover
  • 40.30 - Focus on fundamentals: sleep, clean diet, right balance of rest and exercise
  • 40.51 - Study on acute covid by Johns Hopkins and others on healthcare workers, looking at outcome following infection. Diet year prior to covid - a diet with pescovegetarian resulted in better outcomes. Low carb diets were associated with a worse outcome. 40% increase in vegetable consumption was associated with a 70% decrease in acute covid
  • 43.33 - The most challenging complication of covid: post exercise malaise, which can take days or weeks for you to recover. Go slow and listen to your body.

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