Healing Military Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Jon-Paul deLange

podcast Feb 15, 2023
Healing Military PTSD with Jon Paul deLange

by Dr Ruth Allan | LIVE 27 February 2023| released on podcasting platforms 06 Mar 23

Jon-Paul deLange joins Dr Ruth Allan LIVE in Episode 068 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain' to share his journey to healing his military-connected Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A career Army officer and devoted husband, father, and Opa, Jon-Paul spent 45 years serving his country in elite units like the Army’s Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, NC, the 25th Infantry Division (Light) in Hawaii, and the Joint IED Defeat Organization

With more than two dozen deployments to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Kosovo, the Philippines, and Haiti, he witnessed the effects of extreme human suffering around the world firsthand

He discovered he had service-connected PTSD on his own 11 years after he retired. When he was diagnosed, he was in denial, wondering “How could this happen to me?” Exploring the social impact, public policy and stigma surrounding PTSD what he discovered was stunning:

  • 220 Veterans will die by suicide in the United States over the next ten days. About 8,000 will take their life before the end of this year
  • It's not just the service member that suffers. Families feel the pain from its effects too
  • Trauma that is witnessed can be just as damaging as the trauma that is experienced
  • Service members are often on their own to discover if they have PTSD
  • The fear created by the stigma around PTSD in the armed forces keeps it in the dark

In this episode Jon-Paul discusses his own healing journey and how he's combined his experience to develop his own coaching practice for Veterans and their families. We talk about the importance of recognising psychological trauma as a wound - much like a physical wound, rather than considering it as a 'disorder'

We discuss how to address the military stigma associated with trauma, in particular post traumatic stress, to make the appropriate treatment available to those that need it to heal their wounds

His goal is to raise awareness of the presence of traumatic stress across our society and dissolve the stigmas around PTSD so that more people are less afraid to get the help they need

If you need professional support to address a past trauma or unhelpful experience, you can book trauma recovery coaching now, contact us directly to discuss your needs, or speak to your healthcare professional. Remember - you are not stuck with the brain you have, you have the power to make it better

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Discussed in this episode

  • 03.16 - Jon-Paul's passion
  • 05.45 - The stigmas associated with post traumatic stress in the military
  • 06.27 - Treating trauma like a wound - acknowledging that there are different types of wound we experience: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain
  • 09.05 - Jon-Paul's indicator that he had post traumatic stress
  • 14.40 - Trauma's being expressed as triggers: when our body shouts because our mind isn't listening
  • 16.21 - What somatic experiencing is and how it works
  • 20.10 - Trauma: controlling what is going on inside of you as a result of what happens to you
  • 21.45 - Understanding how our five senses encode the information from our surroundings when we experience a trauma and finding the right approach that works for you
  • 28.17 - Trauma triggers
  • 31.40 - The necessity of releasing traumas: starting with acknowledging it
  • 35.35 - The importance of being vulnerable - a place for innovation and change
  • 37.02 - Leaders embracing trauma as a wound: understanding how it shows up at work and the conditions at work that exacerbate trauma
  • 40.00 - Establishing a more effective workforce through healing the wounds inside and out
  • 42.35 - Optimal brain health for Jon-Paul
  • 48.20 - Fun FACTS with Jon-Paul
  • 56.08 - The trauma tree: where it took root for Jon-Paul
  • 59.45 - The suicide statistics for military personnel
  • 1.00.25 - Steps to be taken to enhance organisational support to heal from trauma.

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