How to achieve optimal human performance with Grayson Hart | E76

podcast Aug 07, 2023
How to achieve optimal human performance with Grayson Hart from Puresport

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 07 Aug 23

Grayson Hart is a former international rugby player with a career of 14 years as a pro. After a chronic knee injury and severe reliance on painkillers having a negative effect on his mental and physical health, Grayson discovered the profound power of legal and non addictive cannabis extract supplements and mushrooms to change his life

He went on to launch Puresport, known as one of the UK's leading innovative natural wellness brands, who have built a community with a shared vision centred around mind and body wellness

In this interview Grayson provides some inspirational insights into his childhood and how his demand to know why at school, often perceived as confrontational when he was young, ultimately became his superpower 

We talk about the challenges of educational systems that are unable to accommodate or adapt to different brain types. Grayson discusses his moment of shame and the pivotal moment in his life that led him to playing for the Auckland blues at 19 years old. He talks about the impact of losing his dad two seasons into the game, and how his attempt to emotionally suppress his grief led to physical expression that became self-destructive

Grayson shares how he transitioned from professional rugby in Scotland to founding Puresport as a result of a chronic knee injury, and what he discovered about himself on his journey, including realising the need to shift his perspective from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation

I loved this episode as it highlights how important it is to adapt our educational system to allow children to uncover their superpowers, the impact of childhood trauma on our behavioural responses. In particular I loved how Grayson showed, despite what life throws at you, there is always an opportunity to be uncovered in every hurdle in life you face to enable you to achieve optimal performance

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 1.34 - Grayson's passion - evolving his understanding and sharing what it means to achieve optimal human performance: living well and being happy and healthy, with a level of resilience
  • 4.10 - Optimal brain health: the mind functioning in a way that you can apply yourself to challenges and being able to switch off when you need to; the understanding that we all have beliefs and conditioning that no longer serves us
  • 6.45 - Grayson's struggle in school at the age of 12 years old and what lay at the root cause of his struggles, and how his desire for affection activated protection mechanisms that led to a diagnosis later in life with ADHD
  • 10.50 - Educational system conflicts with those that don't conform to the 'normal way of working' - how our educational system needs to adjust to our current understanding of how our brains function optimally
  • 15.50 - Tapping into your strengths that may have been perceived as confrontational when you were young: reflecting on what we can learn from children
  • 18.08 - Grayson's journey to becoming a professional rugby player
  • 20.10 - Grayson's moment of shame
  • 21.30 - The pivotal moment in Grayson's life when he decided to become a professional rugby player: focusing on the steps necessary to achieve that outcome he desired to play for the Auckland blues at aged 19
  • 23.45 - When confusion set in for Grayson, leading to a downward spiral, using drink to escape the negative self talk, to numb and fill a void of inner peace and contentment, that he didn't find from the game
  • 27.32 - The impact of losing his dad two seasons into the game - including suppression of his own feelings, preventing him in finding ways to help himself, and being fired from his team
  • 34.00 - When Grayson reached out for help at his deepest point
  • 40.35 - What Grayson learnt about himself with regards to his default response mechanism
  • 44.00 - How the male brain is different and why it's so important to take 10 before taking any action
  • 44.55 - How Grayson moved from professional rugby, including representing Scotland into founding Puresport
  • 47.20 - Grayson's knee injury: developing into chronic pain and reduction in his health, leading to looking into alternative pain relief options and better health
  • 52.00 - The importance of being open minded on alternative solutions to achieve optimal performance, versus the 'quick fix' culture in sport
  • 55.00 - The challenges of introducing effective approaches to enhance performance into sport
  • 57.00 - Viewing his business investment as his alternate university investment
  • 59.45 - Shifting his perspective from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
  • 1.03.00 - Grayson tapping into his childhood superpower
  • 1.05.00 - Grayson's advice on anyone struggling with attention and focus: simplify it, bringing it back to one day at a time, focusing on what brings you peace and fulfilment
  • 1.08.05 - Grayson's advice to parents or people in business trying to manage neurodivergent individuals: engaged communication on their level that they are equal with you, still with a level of authority and discipline, but on a level playing field to achieve respect and positive engagement. Don't expect your child to have everything figured out. Failure isn't final!
  • 1.11.20 - The only time you should look down on someone is when you are helping them up.

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