Five simple steps to help reduce day to day anxiety

Sep 02, 2020

Are you struggling with managing your day to day anxiety during these challenging times? Here's five simple steps you can take to help you.

Step 1. Sitting or lying down, take a deep breath in for two seconds, hold for four seconds, and slowly release for seven seconds. Remembered by 24/7, do this technique up to ten times to calm your mind and body

Step 2. Write down the thoughts that are making you feel anxious and challenge them - are they true, are they 100% true, how do you feel with it, how would you feel without it, then turn the thought around. For example, “I feel out of control.” Is this true? No. How does it make me feel? Anxious. How would I feel without it? Less anxious. What's the turn around of that thought: “I am in control.” Is this more true? Yes. Now identify what you can control.

Step 3. Identify the times/triggers for your anxiety and create a new routine to calm that trigger, such as using Havening Techniques®, in particular self-Havening to calm your mind or saying to yourself 'when the news comes on I will tell myself ...'

Step 4. Write down your anxieties and fears and share them with someone else. This can help you gain a more third party perspective, particularly when you write your anxieties down.

Step 5. Exercise, meditate or use Havening to help you reduce your anxiety levels.Personally I really love to exercise and use Havening to help me with my anxiety levels.

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