Managing trauma and grief with Chris Ross and Dr Ruth Allan

Sep 20, 2022

by Dr Ruth Allan | 20 September 2022

Chris Ross® joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 47th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 7th Episode in series 3

Please note that during this podcast we discuss the topic of the trauma and grief of losing a loved one

Chris Ross is Founder of Winject Studios, seeking to empower content creators with an all-in-one platform to engage with their listeners and create content in a way never done before. Chris is also host of the show 'The Win-Win Effect' and an awesome dad

In this Episode, Dr Ruth and Chris discuss the sensitive topic of how to manage your way through the trauma and grief of losing something or someone. For Dr Ruth this was witnessing the death of her father and for Chris losing his older sister

Dr Ruth and Chris take you on their journey, the trauma they experienced and how they dealt with and navigated their way through the grief that followed

Dr Ruth talks about the different types of loss we can experience and why it can sometimes take us by surprise

This is a difficult conversation for both Chris and Dr Ruth, yet they hope in sharing their story and their journey that it offers hope, knowing that you are not alone and that others have been on a similar journey before

If you are struggling with the trauma and grief of losing someone or something and would like further support, please connect with us

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 7.45 - What optimal brain health means for Chris Ross: understanding what is true and what is an illusion
  • 12.00 - Understanding emotion: what you run away from will find you
  • 13.20 - Emotions: sailing on your ocean of emotion
  • 18.40 - How to communicate grief
  • 22.45 - Dr Ruth explains what lies at the root cause of grief in the context of loss, looking at the four quadrants of wellbeing
  • 26.00 - Chris shares is story of trauma and grief as child: and how hiding to protect himself resulted in him ultimately hurting himself
  • 29.00 - Chris discusses his struggle to express joy and accept praise and losing himself in relationships
  • 34.40 - Relatable trauma
  • 35.40 - Dr Ruth discusses the loss of her father and the impact it has had on her
  • 41.10 - How you can't drug yourself out of a bad relationship, including the one you have with yourself
  • 42.20 - Chris talks about the impact of receiving positive feedback from his father
  • 45.15 - The time to heal from grief is as soon as possible after the event: Dr Ruth talks about how putting her grief on hold affected her
  • 51.25 - Seeking to understand who you're not so you can understand who you truly are
  • 53.30 - Looking at life through a different lens by writing your emotions and thoughts down
  • 55.00 - Using anger positively into recyclable energy
  • 56.10 - Chris's top tips for dealing with trauma and grief
  • 59.00 - Dr Ruth's top tips for dealing with grief, starting with gratitude and reflecting on positive experiences

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