Secrets to a Successful Integrative Medicine Business Without Burnout

podcast Jan 27, 2023
Secrets to Success Without Burnout with Dr Cheng Ruan MD

by Dr Ruth Allan | LIVE 06 February 2023, published 13 Feb 23

Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 065 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain'. He is the Founder of Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, one of the rare facilities to deliver functional and integrative medicine for the insured population

He was also the host of the 2022 Better Brain Health Summit, which Dr Ruth Allan attended as a guest and author of his new book 'The Doctor's Guide to Thriving in Integrative Medicine: Secrets to a Successful Business Without Burnout,'† released in the UK 31st January 2023

In this Episode Dr Cheng Ruan, MD shares his journey to becoming a successful founder of an integrative medical practice, and how physicians can do this too whilst avoiding burnout. He talks about the shocking statistics associated with physician satisfaction, their suicide rate and that 55% physicians are expected to have left the profession by 2025

Dr Ruan discusses what's changed since the role of doctor came into being, the importance of physicians establishing a community influence, and working collaboratively with other professions to deliver preventative and healing healthcare

He talks about the importance of reframing the physician's role to teachers and the centre of certainty, by creating an underlying supporting coaching community to empower the people to heal themselves

He discusses the hardest aspects of establishing a functional medicine practise with the ensured population and the key steps to recovering from burnout

I loved this conversation as it's such an important topic for us to really care better for each other and reestablish the community networks necessary for preventative care and heal each other 

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 3.00 - The shocking statistics on the state of the medical system, physician suicide rates and physician wellbeing in the USA
  • 11.38 - The key changes necessary NOW to minimise the catastrophic meltdown of the healthcare system in the USA
  • 16.38 - Changing the doctor from hero to guide
  • 19.30 - The chronic situation of Junior doctors in the UK following a recent report from the BMA
  • 24.50 - The Physician Transformation Institute
  • 26.25 - Dr Ruan's journey to establishing his medical practise and how his previous trauma's played into his emotional rollercoaster
  • 33.28 - The hardest aspects of establishing a functional medicine practise with the insurance population
  • 42.00 - How to support your patients: speaking in a language of unconditional love - unboxing yourself
  • 45.35 - Dr Ruan's advice for any physician or junior doctor that feels burnt out, but wants to stay in medicine
  • 48.00 - Unboxing yourself events for physicians
  • 51.20 - Uncloaking the invisible elements of the medical system to fix the broken system
  • 55.20 - Knitting the expertise together
  • 56.00 - One piece of advice to starting a functional medicine practice

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