How To Succeed Without A Plan With Jeremy Delk

podcast Nov 14, 2022
Without a Plan with Jeremy Delk

by Dr Ruth Allan | 14 November 2022

Jeremy Delk joins Dr Ruth Allan on the 55th Episode of 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain' and 15th Episode in series 3

Jeremy Delk is Managing Director of Delk Enterprises, which has grown from making $6,000 in its first year in business to being a diversified VC fund that has built and exited investments in both private and public transactions

Today, more than 20 years later, Delk Enterprises has holdings in biotech & healthcare, consumer brands, technology, building materials, and real estate development. Jeremy now focuses on investing in and advising entrepreneurs through speaking and engagements

Jeremy's book 'Without a Plan: A Memoir of Unbound Action and Failing My Way to Success,' released November 8th 2022, shares his reality of the Good, Bad, and UGLY of entrepreneurship

It serves as a not-so-subtle reminder of fundamental principles he's learned through his journey: while great times don't last forever, neither do the truly bad ones

I loved this conversation as it was raw, authentic and vulnerable. Jeremy was willing to dive deep into his mindset and share his experiences and how he navigated through life

From making his first $2M in 18months aged 18, to taking the desert by storm, why he turned down a $600M offer on his business, and finally being able to unchain his pain to achieve the abundance of success and happiness he has today

Be prepared to laugh out loud, be inspired and take bold action!

"If you're not comfortable with yourself, who are you comfortable with?"

"Just be nice."

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  • 4.16 - Optimal brain health for Jeremy
  • 8.30 - Jeremy's lightbulb moment in therapy
  • 10.55 - Understanding your true purpose and what's important
  • 13.25 - Entrepreneurship: why learning as you go is better
  • 14.47 - Jeremy's first journey as an Entrepreneur aged 18
  • 20.30 - The biggest cause of failure
  • 21.14 - The hardest failure for Jeremy to pick himself back up from
  • 23.08 - Jeremy's half billion dollar walk away...
  • 29.30 - Jeremy taking the desert by storm
  • 33.59 - The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Jeremy
  • 39.00 - The most fulfilling thing Jeremy has ever done
  • 42.30 - Jeremy's advice to Entrepreneurs
  • 45.00 - The most important value that guides Jeremy in life
  • 49.45 - Jeremy's view on building your network
  • 51.36 - What's next for Jeremy
  • 55.00 - Jeremy's why
  • 57.00 - Gumption's story
  • 57.55 - Jeremy's one piece of advice for any Entrepreneur struggling to find their why and take action

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