TBI Help NOW with Dr Mark L Gordon, MD

podcast Oct 03, 2022
TBI Help NOW with Dr Mark L Gordon, MD

by Dr Ruth Allan | 03 October 2022

Dr Mark L Gordon, MD joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 49th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and 9th Episode in series 3

Dr. Mark L. Gordon provides leading edge diagnostic and treatment protocols for treating both Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries using non-conventional nutraceutical therapies that have the support of peer-reviewed articles. The proof is in the pudding, which is encapsulated in the documentary movie - Quiet Explosions

In this Episode, Mark talks about his drive to prevent unnecessary suicides that occur as a result of untreated traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. He discusses the impact of inflammation on the brain following concussive and non-concussive brain trauma, which often lies at the root cause of many psychiatric issues

Mark talks about what optimal brain health is for him. He discusses his success stories with his patients, including those that have gone on to develop photographic memories, reversed Parkinson's, reversed Alzheimer's disease and reserved Multiple Sclerosis in several cases, as well as helping three wheelchair-dependent veterans out of their wheelchairs, one of which was in their wheelchair due to the side effects of medication

We talk about the gut-brain connection and how activities going on outside the brain can contribute to brain inflammation. Mark discusses his own traumatic brain injuries that led to depression, which resulted in him researching the literature to find a solution, getting his hormones assessed and optimised to restore his brain function

Mark talks about the issue of military personnel being heavily medicated and how the absence of improvement under ineffective medications can lead to suicide to escape the pain. He discusses the science of neuroendocrinology, in particular the different pathways that occur in the brain compared to our body, as well as the speed of response. He also talks about how to improve sleep insomnia, depression and mood swings at a very low cost

I found this such an inspiring conversation and am so excited to be partnering with Dr Mark L Gordon to bring his programmes to the UK.

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 4.00 - Mark and Ruth discuss what leads to the inflammatory response and changes in the brain chemistry that cause the symptoms being expressed

  • 8.40 - The impact of inflammation on the brain
  • 12.30 - The impact of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) on the brain
  • 14.40 - Optimal brain health for Mark: emotional and cognitive stability
  • 18.50 - How pain manifests in the context of inflammatory chemicals, stealing the ability of blood vessels to dilate, visible on SPECT scans
  •  22.00 - The impact of physical bone breaks as well as cardiovascular surgery on brain health
  • 27.00 - The issues with the medical profession not reviewing hormone levels to optimise brain function
  • 29.50 - Mark's experience with military personnel and supporting restoration of brain function, resulting in 50-100% improvement
  • 35.00 - Monitoring patient and client outcomes
  • 40.15 - The most rewarding thing Mark has done: sharing his success stories, including some phenomenal ones with veterans he's worked with
  • 47.00 - The impact of traumatic brain injury in children and the root causes of the issues children experience
  • 53.00 - What neuroendocrinology is and what it means to optimise your neurohormones

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