The impact of post natal depression and how to navigate through it | E77

podcast Aug 14, 2023
Shining the light on post natal depression and how to navigate through it with Pip Delamere-Wright

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 14 Aug 23

Pip Delamere-Wright is a retired Officer having served 17 years in the British Army. During this time she served in various countries and was the first female Army Commando. She served as part of 3 Commando Brigade and was deployed on Op Telic 1

After the birth of her son in 2012, the death of her brother from cancer and her mum attending chemotherapy, Pip suffered from severe postnatal depression. The military mental health unit in Catterick literally saved her life

When she retired in 2014 Pip retrained as an outdoor leader working with children with additional support needs and more recently qualifying as a Therapeutic Forest Practitioner. Pip proactively spends time focusing on and supporting others, encouraging positive physical and mental health

In this episode Pip discusses her journey from joining the military to becoming the first female Army Commando and the importance of mindset in defining what you are capable of achieving

She dives deep into what led her being diagnosed with post natal depression, how this affected her and what she was able to do to navigate her way through it and re-establish balance in her life

She discusses how this led her to founding Operation Cairngorm, which allows individual to reconnect with nature, educating them on how they can use it to calm their body and mind 

I loved this episode. We had so much to talk about. I find this such an important topic to shine the light on the impact of post natal depression and to raise awareness to all those parents out there to know that you are not alone and there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 4.00 - When Pip's passion for the outdoors started
  • 7.15 - Pip's journey from the wilderness in Scotland to getting involved in the military: her gap year project with the Army
  • 8.35 - Pip's journey to becoming the first female Commando
  • 13.00 - The challenges of the Commando course and how Pip prepared herself: working with her own bodyweight; managing her own expectations
  • 18.00 - Pip's mental block on her third and final attempt of the Commando course - the nemesis of the six foot wall to get her green beret
  • 20.45 - Automatic Negative Thoughts: understanding the thoughts that you have an how they can affect you
  • 22.20 - What got Pip over the six foot wall: her condor moment and the importance of moral support
  • 25.38 - What optimal brain health means for Pip: balance
  • 27.27 - Steadying your ship on your ocean of emotion
  • 29.50 - When Pip was completely out of balance: when she fell into extreme post natal depression, as a result of a stack of multiple family life traumas
  • 33.30 - When Pip asked for help, which saved her life
  • 36.00 - Dr Ruth explains what was happening to Pip from the trauma she experienced
  • 38.45 - The risk of comparing your trauma to someone else's
  • 42.20 - Dr Ruth explains the importance of understanding that trauma is a wound and you need to find the appropriate solution to heal from it
  • 44.38 - Pip's key steps to work her way back to better mental health: awareness, connection with others and nature, community, building your support network
  • 48.18 - Pip's early signs of post-natal depression: unable to sleep, inability to sit still or rest, numb to everything
  • 52.27 - Pip's key step changes to get to where she is today: listen to yourself and give yourself time to heal
  • 56.00 - The challenge of coping when your physical outlet isn't available to manage your mental health
  • 57.32 - How Pip leverages her experience to start Operation Cairngorms
  • 1.00.00 - The importance of engaging with your five senses using nature to help you manage your mindset
  • 1.04.35 - Pip's advice on anyone that might think they are struggling with post natal depression: there is hope and a way through
  • 1.06.32 - Pip's advice on how to reconnect with nature.

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