COVID-19 Support - Helping you take charge of how you show up


Learn how to boost your brain power and performance in a crisis to be a stronger leader for your team and your family.

Be the BOSS™️.

Believe.  Overcome.  Succeed.  Soar.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Support

Are you feeling burnt out and worried about the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you wish you had more energy to help you and your family get through these challenging times?


Are you feeling overwhelmedstressed and anxious about life, work or finances?

Are you struggling to stay focused and remain positive?

Are you afraid of being consumed by your negative thoughts and beliefs?

Are you feeling unfulfilled and/or unhappy?


It's time to take back control of your wellbeing.


We are in extremely challenging times.  Our lives as we know it have undergone radical change.

We can choose to crumble under the new struggles we face, or we can rise up to the challenge and uncover the opportunities this new world brings us to live better, to be better and to perform better.


It's your time to rise.


Your physical and mental health matters.  I am here to help you take back control of your wellbeing and gain the clarity and focus you need to help overcome the struggles you are facing, boost your brain power and performance and help you steady the ship as you navigate these rough waters.


Find out how below.


Take charge.  Be the BOSS™️.  Believe. Overcome. Succeed. Soar. 


Strengthening your resilience in a crisis

Free LIVE workshop every Wednesday 9pm GMT until 1st July 2020 



"I loved the fact that Ruth listened to me. My major insight was realising that my thoughts aren't necessarily true."

Laura Morrogh-Bernard

"I loved the use of mnemonic FACTS. Clear, easy to use and understand. It made me think more about my surroundings and how I can influence those."

Amy Daly

"Well considered and delivered. Complex / new concepts issues well explained. I loved that it focused on my negative thoughts and also the focus on the best of your self."

Jeremy Blanchard

"Really valuable, tools not used before or even heard of - so different. I can't access it freely elsewhere and Ruth explained it concise but also personable."

Laura Grassick

Select courses and programs

For a full list visit my page "Work With Me"

Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?  Looking for support to help you gain clarity and take back control of your life again? 

Jump on a discovery call with Ruth and learn some simple strategies that can help you take back control of your brain health and wellbeing and boost your performance and productivity.

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Set yourself up for success for this year and beyond

Frustrated that your goals or dreams have been put on hold and struggling to find a way through the quagmire to determine what step to take first to move you forward?  This course will help you re-gain the clarity and focus you need.

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Learn how to boost your brain power and performance and gain more energy, happiness and fulfilment in your life.

Struggling with coming to terms with the current Coronavirus pandemic?  Worried, stressed and anxious about what the future holds?  I am here to help you.  Learn how you can manage your mindset and take back control of negative thoughts and focus on what will power you through these challenging times.

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FREE resources

How to boost your immune system and fight infection

FREE One Page Weekly Planner

In these challenging times when feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it's hard to stay focused and plan each week.  Download this FREE weekly planner to help you regain focus each day on what's most important to you and your family.

Hope to Happiness - FREE short course

Learn how to overcome struggle to move out of the darkness to a place of happiness, fulfilment and joy.

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a rut, or have reached a cross roads in life and don't know which way to go? In this FREE short course find out how to guide yourself out of the darkness and into a place of happiness, fulfilment and joy.

FREE download of Ruth's “10 Predictors of Workplace Wellbeing”

Learn the 10 factors that determine your level of workplace wellbeing (and how you can improve it)!


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