Addiction Recovery With Dr Robb Kelly

podcast Nov 21, 2022
Addiction Recovery With Dr Robb Kelly

by Dr Ruth Allan | 21 November 2022

Dr Robb Kelly joins Dr Ruth Allan on the 56th Episode of 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain' and 16th Episode in series 3

Dr. Robb Kelly, PhD is a sought-after recovery expert who believes in treating the causes of addiction and not the symptoms. He has appeared on such shows as The Doctors, Eye Opener, Good Morning Texas, and Kens5 morning news

He is a frequent contributor to radio and print interviews including The Jim Bohannon show, Miracles in Recovery, USA Today, and participated in McLean Hospital’s (Harvard Medical School) study on the stigma associated with mental illness

Dr. Kelly currently hosts the Breaking Through Addiction podcast featuring special guest discussing a variety of mental health issues. He has created Let’s Get Back to 98% Recovery DVDs used in prisons and recovery treatment centers throughout the US

He has lectured on addiction and trauma at high-profile universities, national conferences, treatment facilities, public schools, churches, business organisations and hospitals

Dr. Kelly is the CEO of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, an addiction and mental illness recovery coaching company he created based on extensive research and behaviour studies that he conducted over the past 20 years

Dr. Kelly shares his personal highs and lows as he struggled and overcame crippling alcoholism, which he has written about in his book “Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking”

I loved this episode as Dr. Kelly discuss the importance of social connection and social belonging. Of living one day at the time - living in the present. He shares how past trauma and limiting beliefs that you have can severely limit you and discusses the trauma trigger in his childhood and how that impacted him

Dr. Kelly talks about the importance of removing the stigma associated with alcoholism, of giving people back the power to make the changes they are capable of. 

"We are what we repeatedly do today, not who we were."

"We attract what we think we are worth."

"The definition of insanity is me not being able to see my own truth."

"If you don't heal from a cut someone else gave you, then you'll bleed over everyone else in the future."

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  • 08.50 - Optimal Brain Health for Dr. Robb Kelly: Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Live one day at a time
  • 11.40 - 7.3second rule vs the 'do it tomorrow' syndrome
  • 13.00 - Where it all started for Dr. Robb Kelly
  • 15.05 - The liquor store incident: how addiction goes much deeper than people think it does
  • 18.43 - Dr. Kelly's spiritual awakening: the 12 step process and meeting John
  • 23.45 - The trauma trigger for Dr. Kelly: abandonment
  • 29.32 - How Dr. Kelly recovered from his trauma
  • 32.10 - Dr. Kelly's obsession
  • 34.00 - Dr. Kelly's most embarrassing moment with his daughter
  • 35.21 - The most rewarding thing Dr. Kelly has ever done: that one important intervention that can change people's lives
  • 38.00 - Dr. Kelly's role model in his life: I'm Possible
  • 41.19 - Dr. Kelly's key steps to break out of the struggles he was having with alcohol: starting with routine
  • 44.15 - The biggest eye-openers for Dr. Kelly in developing the practise he has now: a lack of research on alcoholism
  • 51.00 - The biggest limitation in your life and making progress
  • 53.45 - The three things that Dr. Kelly does to empower people to take back control
  • 58.21 - How bad do you want this?
  • 1.02.29 - Dr. Kelly's one piece of advice if you're struggling with alcohol - start a dialogue

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