Brain Optimisation in the Workplace with Dr Sara Whedon | E72

podcast Apr 10, 2023
Brain Optimisation in the Workplace with Dr Sara Whedon

by Dr Ruth Allan | Released Mon 10 Apr 23

Dr. Sara Whedon has combined her years of experience with working with patients, her love for co-creating new strategies forward and her experience being raised with a parent in corporate to help organisations help employee's with brain optimisation

Dr. Sara believes you shouldn't have to wait until you are retired to live a fulfilled and expansive life. Contrary to popular belief, she believes we can individualise wellness in organisations without an unrealistic budget and says the results are far more reaching that what was previously anticipated

In this episode we talk about the brain in the context of performance in the workplace. We discuss the importance of taking a human centric approach as well as the shift that has taken place since the pandemic

We talk about the importance of setting time boundaries and understanding your performance needs, as well as the role of humour in the workplace and the real challenge of addressing neurodiversity

And Dr. Sara shares her inspiring story as we dive into the Five Pillars of Brain Health that contextualises the importance of environment and connection beyond the spoken word

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 3.00 - Dr Sara's brain health journey
  • 12.05 - Optimal brain health for Dr Sara Whedon: having the capacity to show up as the person you want to show up as
  • 14.00 - The difference between brain health and mental health
  • 16.48 - The biggest issue when looking at brain health in the workplace
  • 21.00 - Dr Sara's journey of optimising her own brain
  • 26.15 - Respecting your time boundaries and personal performance needs
  • 27.25 - Setting boundaries and being clear on your priorities
  • 33.40 - The importance of humour
  • 36.40 - The great resignation
  • 39.40 - Where is the grass greener?...
  • 43.40 - Community, diversity, equity and inclusion: accommodating everyone, when every brain is unique
  • 48.25 - The five pillars of brain health with Dr Sara Whedon
  • 50.00 - Daring to do something different!
  • 53.00 - What is limiting potential in business
  • 54.30 - Dr Sara's advice for anyone struggling with fulfilling their potential in the workplace.

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