Harnessing your brain power - Conversion Code with Chris Smith

podcast Jan 13, 2023
Harnessing your brain power - Conversion Code with Chris Smith

by Dr Ruth Allan | LIVE 03 January 2023, on podcasting platforms from Mon 16 Jan 23

Have you ever met someone that is the cofounder of an Inc. 500 fastest growing business and one of the four best marketers under 40 according to American Marketing Association? You have now...

Chris Smith joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 062 and first LIVE episode of Season 4 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.' Chris Smith is the cofounder of Curaytor (an Inc. 500 fastest-growing business) and is one of the four best marketers under 40, according to the American Marketing Association

His book, The Conversion Code, is taught at colleges like Johns Hopkins University and he has been a guest lecturer at NYU Chris used the blueprint in his book to quickly grow his own company to eight figures in annual recurring revenue, without raising any venture capital

His work has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications Previously, Chris worked for two billionaires, a billion-dollar publicly traded company, and a startup that was acquired for nine figures

His first book, Peoplework, received endorsements from the CEO of Zappos and Gary Vaynerchuk, who wrote the foreword In this episode we will explore Chris's unique brain attributes that made him the success he is today

I loved reading Chris's book Conversion Code - the best marketing book I have read to date. It's got simple, actionable steps explained in a logical order which you can easily implement to enhance your marketing

I was privileged to be the first person to interview Chris to talk about his unique brain and cognitive performance challenges, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Chris discusses the pendulum swing he experiences, the importance of expressing yourself, and how his childhood provided the foundation for him living a successful life with bipolar disorder

He shares his stories on the blackouts he has experienced from childhood through to present day, including cracking his skull open recently and the recovery he has had to go through to restore his cognitive function

Chris talks about how he was bothered by the label of being bipolar that reduced him to two states, when he felt that he could be in many - that life was a blend of states

He further discusses the impact of using prescribed drugs to manage his pain and how this became his kryptonite, as well as the impact his manic episodes has on everyone else in his life

I loved this episode because Chris challenged me to help him learn more about his brain health, which allowed a really rich and deep conversation around the topic of cognitive function and what you can do to unchain your pain and improve your cognitive performance

Head trauma is one of the 11 risk factors associated with cognitive decline and often goes undiagnosed, as is the case of many of the clients we see, who have cognitive issues. Please ensure you seek professional help from someone that actually images the organ they treat, if you experience any cognitive anomalies following a fall, including blackouts

If you have been affected by any of the topics discussed in this episode please connect with us so we can find the appropriate support for you.

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  • 09.15 - The importance of expressing yourself, how you feel and why
  • 13.20 - If you keep it in, it's coming out
  • 15.15 - The definition of hate
  • 16.36 - Chris's brain health journey: where it started
  • 25.00 - Chris's head trauma
  • 28.00 - 'Truckers cry too': the impact of having a head injury
  • 28.40 - Word recall challenges experienced by Dr Ruth Allan and Chris Smith following head trauma
  • 29.50 - Chris's naked public speaking fear
  • 33.30 - Equilibrium challenges
  • 34.50 - Overcoming the fixed mindset and supporting brain recovery
  • 37.15 - Chris's challenge to Dr Ruth Allan - How to reverse cognitive decline
  • 41.00 - Pain management: and the different types of pain we experience and how to untangle them
  • 48.10 - Chris and managing his bipolar disorder
  • 53.00 - The impact of Chris managing his pain using medical marijuana - leading to a full manic episode and his go to drug becoming his kryptonite
  • 1.01.18 - Bipolar stats following having a manic episode: focus on your actions, not your feelings. Don't wait to feel better
  • 1.05.30 - Gary Vaynerchuk 'Make sure your actions match your ambitions'
  • 1.06.30 - 'You sometimes have to be selfish to be selfless.'

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