How to Enhance Performance Using Autobiographical Feedback

podcast Feb 27, 2023
How to enhance performance using autobiographical feedback

by Dr Ruth Allan | 27 Feb 23

Leo Treadwell joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 067 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.' Leo Treadwell has been called the Darwin of Human Development because of his creation, Autobiographical Feedback, a new peak performance linguistic technology that leverages recent breakthroughs in brain plasticity, epigenetics and cellular regeneration with ancient human development technologies from the past

Leo has had the honour and privilege of sharing the stage and working with individuals and organisations as diverse as Dr. Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the United State Navy’s Leadership Academy and First Nations tribes throughout the United States and Canada

In this episode Leo shares his journey of transformation, from being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his back aged 25 to developing Autobiographical feedback to enhance performance of your mind and body

We discuss the importance of connecting with your internal and external world, of understanding, listening to and managing your thoughts and emotions

We both talk openly about past traumas and the approaches we've used to let go of those where our body has been keeping the score, and dive deep into the importance of ensuring you establish a process that permanently rewrites your past and future view of yourself that serves you rather than hurts you

I loved this conversation as it tapped into all five pillars of brain health, in particular our connection to ourselves and our environment - our surroundings, that we can so easily forget, yet in essence we are inextricably linked to and dependent upon

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 03.58 - Optimal brain health for Leo Treadwell: understanding our relationship to our environment
  • 10.00 - The interface between the internal and external ecosystem
  • 14.00 - Where Leo's journey really started: growing up in disconnection during his childhood and teenage years
  • 18.18 - Leo's diagnosis of a cancerous tumour on his back aged 25
  • 20.55 - Leo's near death experience
  • 23.55 - The missing piece of the puzzle to incorporate the learning from reading the books
  • 26.00 - Kungfu TV and the mechanics of cellular regeneration
  • 28.30 - The new language
  • 32.35 - Addressing his mindset and managing the quality of his thoughts and emotions
  • 34.58 - Crying out the emotional pain and the cancer from his mind and body
  • 42.00 - The first sign of a toxic body and mind
  • 44.35 - Understanding our frame of reference for life
  • 45.42 - How to process trauma
  • 46.10 - Dr Ruth's personal experience of healing from trauma after having a C-section when she gave birth to her daughter Lilly
  • 49.00 - Leo's 29 years of freedom from cancer
  • 52.50 - Dealing with the thoughts you have each day
  • 56.24 - The differentiator of autobiographical feedback to other systems available
  • 1.01.37 - Tapping into your senses to rewrite your story and your memories
  • 1.03.10 - Revisiting your breakthrough to ensure the script in your mind is rewritten and the new neural networks have been established
  • 1.05.15 - Breaking the neural network in our mind that relates to trauma
  • 1.09.35 - Leo's advice for anyone struggling with connection.

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