How to Unleash the Power of the Blue Collar Brain

podcast Mar 13, 2023
How to Unleash the Power of the Blue Collar Brain with Ken Rusk

by Dr Ruth Allan | 13 Mar 23

Ken Rusk joins Dr Ruth Allan on Episode 069 of her show 'Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.' Ken Rusk is a Blue Collar construction entrepreneur and best selling author of the book 'Blue Collar Cash.' 

Ken spent his younger years digging ditches and working in construction. He never went to college. Instead, he made goals, planned, and worked hard for thirty years. Ken is now a very successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and revenue streams  

Over the last 30 years he's created and built construction businesses, showing that there's no degree required for comfort, peace and freedom. His mission now is to help inspiring entrepreneurs see their way to success

Ken talks about his passion of cutting the learning curve, and helping people find their 'why' so that you can manage your life rather than life happening to you

He shares the statistics on people having clear goals and how this manifests into becoming successful, as well as how you can achieve comfort, peace and freedom in life, irrespective of where you are at in life or what level of education you have

He talks about the power of anticipation and how this can push you along like the current in a river, which is a power that most people go untapped with, leveraging the power of the current of life, rather than being a victim to it

I loved this interview as it reminded me how much you can learn from the grit and determination needed in the construction business. Ken applies practical advice as a ditch digger to provide simple, life advice

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Discussed in this podcast

  • 05.00 - Ken's passion: to cut the learning curve for others. Starting with the reason 'why'
  • 11.37 - Optimal brain health for Ken: being anticipatory so spontaneity can show up to put you in control of your future, having that vision
  • 19.37 - Building your vision using crayons
  • 23.08 - Operation smile: turning the tables with the power of humour
  • 30.20 - Deciding on joy in your life
  • 32.30 - Understanding your physical responses and deciding what emotion that relates to
  • 34.14 - Ken's story of his daughter Nichole
  • 42.45 - Ken's childhood regimen and how that framed his work ethic
  • 45.30 - Where Ken's career started
  • 48.58 - Building the vision to achieve corporate growth
  • 50.15 - Ken's advice for how to succeed without a degree: blue collar opportunities due to the supply and demand crisis
  • 55.00 - The stand back moment
  • 56.25 - Comfort, peace and freedom: framing how you want your life to look like and shortening your learning curve
  • 1.01.30 - Ken's advice for anyone struggling with creating their vision for the future.

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